How to Survive University Life

Entering college, also known as uni, is a big part of life. Uni is where you have more responsibilities and it’s the stage of life where you’re close to entering the real world and making big life decisions.

There’s so much to uni than just classes. Everyone wants to do well in uni so here are some tips to get you through it.

1) Go to class

Going to class is important. No one’s going to force you to go so you have to be proactive in getting there. Sometimes it can be tempting to sleep in for that 9 a.m. lecture but it’s not going to benefit you in the long run.

Being present in class is helpful in understanding the material. This is where you learn the most so get up and go.

2) Write things down

Gone are the days when you could remember everything in your head. Now it’s essential to write reminders, list important dates and schedule your time. Having a planner and an updated to-do list will help with organizing your academic life.

For instance, taking the time to write down when assignments and other tasks are due in a planner makes you more prepared for classes and improves your organization skills.

3) Get involved

Academics is only one part of the uni experience. If you’re only involvement is going to class, then your experience isn’t as satisfying as it could be. Countless unis offer clubs where students can join. You can choose from a range of clubs like sports, language, social, political, religious and more! The clubs are all out there, you just need to pick the ones you’re interested in.

4) Find a balance

Besides going to uni, students usually have other things they’re invested in. Sometimes it can feel like you’re juggling too many responsibilities at the same time. If you already have another time commitment, it’s important to plan how you’ll be able to accomplish both responsibilities.

Your academics shouldn’t suffer because you don’t have enough time for them. That’s why it’s important to organize how you’ll successfully balance the different jobs in your life. It’s best to do this early in the semester so you don’t get overwhelmed later. This is why it’s useful to create a detailed schedule so you can effectively manage your time.

5) Find the best place to study

Where you study is important because it should be a spot where you can focus. The best place is usually where there are little to no distractions. From libraries to coffee shops, everyone has a go-to place where they prefer to study. Wherever you choose to study, it should be a place where you know you can be productive.

6) Divide your work into small parts

When it comes to completing a project or studying, no one likes to do it at the last minute. But why does this constantly happen for uni students? It’s because usually the hardest part of any task is starting so people put it off until the last minute. Instead of looking at it in small parts, people just see all the work they’ll have to put in at once.

Putting in the effort to begin a task is a large step in the right direction. Once you start on it early, it’s easier to continue and complete it as you go. Doing things in parts is better than doing them at the last minute. This provides you with more time to comprehend what you’re working on.

For example, if you have a test coming up in the next two weeks, you can start by studying for it one hour a day. This isn’t a lot of time but if you steadily do this before the test approaches, your brain will easily get used to the material. This can save you from cramming for the test the night before.

7) Get to know your classmates

Uni isn’t as fun if you don’t get to meet other students. Make the effort to talk to people in your classes. Knowing people in class can increase engagement because you have someone to discuss the material with. This also helps when you want to form study groups. You don’t have to go through uni alone so talk to your fellow classmates.

Uni doesn’t have to be an obstacle in your life. It’s a great chance to grow in your career, connect with others and get more involved. These tips are here to enhance your experience so you can graduate and say, “I survived Uni!”

Last but not the least, have fun while you are in uni. As they say, uni days are the best days of life.