Tips For Students To Find a Job

Students who are either studying or have already graduated from their university find it hard to get a desirable job in most of the cases and the reason is that most of the companies are looking for some sort of past experience. Things are really tough for students, as they are confused about what they should put in their resume, what and how much experience they should show for a particular job and what to do if they don’t have any experience at all.

Well, if you are a fresh graduate, there are various things you can do to increase the chances of your getting a job:

1. Perfect Tailor Made resume

  • What makes a perfect resume? First thing, one size fits all doesn’t apply here. You have to edit your resume and make it suitable to the position you are applying for. Thst doesn’t mean you should lie in your resume and add work experience that you never had. But tailor made resume means is that you need to add only relevant experience in the resume that matches closely with the job requirements.
  • The last thing you want to do is to confuse the recruitment team with non-relevant stuff on your resume.
  • Adding relevant keywords in your resume is very important. Recruitment team would normally include managers, analyst, or other busy professionals who do not have all day to study your resume. They will only scan your resume and in a very short time they will short list the resumes. So you need to have the right keywords in your resume that matches with the job requirements.
  • For example, if job is for website admin , you might want to include keywords  ‘website’ and ‘admin’ in your last positions.

2. Cover Letter

  • There are still many students out there who think they have got an amazing resume so cover letter is not that important. But that is a big mistake.Cover letter is your opportunity to convey your message to the company you are applying for.
  • Cover Letter is your chance to give a personal touch and explain how your past experience make you so relevant for the position and how you as a person can fit very well in the team.

3. Research

  • Make sure you do a hell lot of research on the company before you go to the interview.
  • While talking in the interview, if you can mention something like “ .. as CEO of the company mentioned in the recent press release/media interview…” it clearly shows you have done your home work and you are really serious for the position you applied for.

4. Call before interview

  • This is also important. Call the company to talk to someone in the recruitment team and ask them more about the role.
  • That shows your high level of interest in the position, shows you are keen for this role and also make sure stand out of the hundreds of candidates who applied for the role.

5. Interview Techniques

  • In Australia, having a good resume and cover letter will do half of the work. Now it comes to interview and if you can master this technique too, you can score a nice job.
  • First thing, do not talk too much and make sure you are not overconfident. Not to mention, you need to look into the eyes of the interviewer (don’t stare) and stay confident all the time.
  • If you lose confidence at some point, it’s ok. Trust me on that! You won’t lose your job because you got nervous at some point which will most probably be in the starting of the interview.  Just stay calm, and if you need a second or want to drink water, it’s ok to do so. But you need to quickly gather yourself and start talking again without missing any points, which is the most important thing.
  • If you know something but couldn’t express yourself clearly, is the worst mistake you can do in an interview. This is the nightmare of many job applicants, so beware.

6. BIG Trick

  • If interviewer is taking a bit of time (may be few days or weeks) to decide after all the interviews are over, you might want to play a trick. Email them that you are also selected somewhere else, and it would be great if they can let you know as soon as possible.
  • But this has to be done with ultimate flair. Make sure you also mention that you still prefer this company, however If they do not let you know soon, you will be forced to take the other role offered from other company. This is a sensitive trick and not for everyone. Its a risk.

In the end, if you really posses the skills and knowledge that suit the role, following above techniques can really increase your chances of getting your first dream job.