7 Proven Techniques To Score High in IELTS

Need to take the IELTS exam? Nervous and do not know where and how to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Today we will discuss the 7 secret ingredients to achieve the desired IELTS band score. Students tend to forget that systematic approach coupled with dedicated hard work is always the secret to success in IELTS. IELTS exam consists of four sections namely: listening, reading, writing and speaking. To give equal weightage to all the four sections while practising holds the key to success. The 7 secrets for the sure shot IELTS band score achievement are:

1. Consistent preparation:
Consistency in preparation is the most important factor for success in IELTS. Regular and dedicated preparation daily for a couple of hours assures success. Consistency alone paves way for regular evaluation and constant improvement in the mistakes. This also gives a good forecast over the time required for preparation to achieve the band score. Therefore aim for consistent preparation.

2. Time targeted preparation:
Book your test before the start of preparation. This gives a time bound target to be achieved. Else, the preparation of the IELTS exam in particular, tricks the student with lack of confidence to face the exam. It is always good to book the exam a minimum of 4 weeks ahead and begin intensive preparation. This is the second ingredient to success in IELTS.

3. Evaluation criteria understanding:
IELTS is not a normal English proficiency test. It has its own evaluation criteria. Make sure to go through the criteria before the start of preparation. Participate and go through various online forums and blogs to understand how the exam works. This simplifies the preparation, thereby boosting a lot of confidence.

4. Short cut techniques require practice:
Many short cut techniques are available for reading in particular. The most common one is the skimming and scanning the passage. Even these techniques need to be practised a lot to get the hang of it. Most students ignore this blind truth. So it is always advisable to practise the reading multiple times and evolve your own strategy towards the exam.

5. Spellings with listening:
Spellings play an equal role along with attentive listening of the audio in the listening section of the exam. During the preparation time, it is always better to turn off the predictive texting in mobiles and laptops. Try to familiarise with the most common spellings. Regular practice of dictation is a very good idea.

6. Smart work essential to write essays:
Smart work with the proper understanding of the evaluation of the essays is essential. 100 essays written in the same manner is of no use towards the IELTS exam, whereas practising 10 essays with proper feedback and evolution of your own structure to present the ideas goes a long way. It is advisable to take face to face classes for IELTS writing from a dedicated IELTS expert trainer or coach to know your mistakes.

7. Speaking is always a conversation:
Speaking section is never an interview. It is a conversation between the student and the examiner. The students need to speak minimum four to five sentences to each question. This gives enough scope for the examiner to understand the level of usage of English. IELTS speaking must be perceived as an opportunity where the examiner wants to know more about you, your life, and interests and so on.

Feel and believe that you are a “celebrity” and the examiner is curious to have a better understanding about you. This may sound weird but if you walk in the room for IELTS speaking with this mindset, you can be assured that it will be the best interaction you would ever have. Also this particular strategy will help you to calm your nerves, thereby leading to a better performance.

Hope these secrets help in a long way towards the preparation of the IELTS exam.

If you have any question, Please feel free to ask in the comments section below.

Good luck!

Article is written by Shivi Bhalla from English Wise

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Shivi Bhalla is an Entrepreneur and a leading authority for international students in Australia. Shivi’s whole obsession lies in serving and bringing massive positive transformation in the lives of international students. He makes it happen by providing them with right strategies and advanced tools specifically related to communication, networking and decision making skills. He moves people with his own incredible story as a past international student in Australia himself.