Accommodation Tips For International Students In Australia

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Accommodation is one of the major concerns for students mainly for international students who have to plan their accommodation much ahead. Students are mainly concerned about the type and cost of the accommodation before coming to Australia for study. Below are different types of accommodation with the details of the costs involved in different types of accommodation.

Shared House:

Shared house is the most common scenario for international students in Australia. Most of the students prefer to stay in a shared house as most of the shared houses offer cheaper rooms.

In recent times rental cost has gone up. Rental cost for a furnished room would be roughly from $150 to $200 depending on the room size and location of the house.  Unfurnished room would be cheaper. In most of the cases, the rent will include all the bills and cost of internet.

In a shared house, you might see people from different nationalities sharing a house. Advantages to live in a shared house is that you might end up making new friends, learn new things about different cultures or may be learn new cuisines, party together or plan outings together.

There can also be many disadvantages. You might not get along well with someone but you will still have to share the house with that person, some sharemate might not be very neat and clean and unfortunately you have to share the space with such a messy sharemate.


An average 2 bedroom unit would be around $350-$400 mostly unfurnished. If you are getting a unit/flat then you have to arrange your own furniture which can be a bit of hassle plus transportation cost is costly in Australia.

Further, bond money for rental units is of course much higher than it is for a room. Also, it is your responsibility to keep the unit clean, and pay the maintenance cost while you are staying in that unit.  You might also have to arrange for your own internet as such units mostly come without any internet connections. Normally tenants take units when they want to stay there for a long time. While leaving, it is common that landlord will cut a big chunk of your bond.

But no need to say, independent unit gives you much more privacy and you do not have to share the house with anyone else. Or you have the option to chose your house mate.

Shared Room

Shared room is of course the cheapest option as two students will be sharing the cost of a single room. Normally in Australia, if the rental cost of the room is say $150, landlords will add another $30 for an extra person in the room. This means two people will be sharing $180 rent, $90 each.


If you are coming to Australia and you are not sure where to stay in your first few days, you can opt to stay in backpackers or hotels/motels till you find rental accommodation for yourself. Backpacker is the cheapest option where you will pay around $30 per night. Motels are cheaper ranging from $80-$120 per night. Hotel just like in any other country would be the costliest option and cost will depend on individual hotel.

Tip: It is best to look for different rental options before getting one. Personally inspect them, inquire about current housemates, costs involved, and what’s included in the rent. Do not be afraid to ask questions to the landlord and after going through different options, select the option that suits you the most.  Also, try to stay closer to your university as this will save you time and money.