9 YouTube Secrets – All You Need To Know To Promote Your Video

A picture can say a thousand words, imagine what a video can do? Multimedia is very important part of any marketing strategy and a video is something that can really do wonders for your business.

After creating such a video, which can give a boost to your business you need a platform to promote that video. YouTube is a biggest platform to promote a video.  YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos.

Below are some of the tips for small business owners to promote their business video on YouTube.

  1. YouTube Channels

YouTube provides you with a profile page called youtube channel. Make sure you make a nice looking channel as your first step by choosing the right theme, logo, and cover photo.

  1. YouTube Community

Did you know you can make friends on youtube just like facebook. Youtube itself is a community of users who upload videos. You can add those users as friends,   send them a message and keep in touch with them.

  1. Quality videos

Content is the king. If you have quality videos in your channel, you will eventually attract subscribers. Quality alone is not enough though to get high number of subscribers. You videos have to offer something unique, some sort of humour, or knowledge or something that make users to subscribe.

  1. Video Editing

Youtube provide options to edit your video in your video manager but you can only do basic editing. It is best to use your own software or hire a professional to get your video edited. Adding some special effects or text on video, welcome notes, end notes such as asking users at the end of the video to like, comment, subscribe or share is a good thing to do.

  1. Updating Subscribers

Keep updating your subscribers with the latest in your business, your latest videos, and upcoming videos. Keep them involved in what you are working on, what sort of things they can get from your videos and how they can benefit from the.

  1. Branding

Videos should reflect your brand in every way. Even your channel on youtube should have similar look and feel same your business such as similar colours, logos, photos, themes. This helps in overall branding.

  1. Social Media Connectivity

Make sure you connect you channel to your social channels like your business facebookpage or google plus page. Also, keep your facebook or google plus users informed about the latest videos. Keep talking to them before they lose interest in you.

  1. YouTube Partner Program

If you have got quality videos, following all the guidelines, your quality videos offer something unique then you might be eligible for being youtube partner. If you become the member you even get chance to earn money through ads shown next to your videos. Moreover, you are given much more features than any other users. For examples, you can upload any image that will be shown as video thumbnail. This way you can attract more users to click the video with an attractive thumbnail.

  1. Sharing on Social Media

Make sure you share your videos on your social channels like facebook, twitter, google plus or LinkedIn. This is very important to multiply the traffic to your videos. You never know, a unique video shared multiple times on social media can even become viral and can do hell lot of marketing for your business which would otherwise take millions or dollars in advertisement.