School kid Fights Back – Teaches Bully a Lesson

Even though violence is not the remedy of any situation but one should always take a stand in case of bullying before it gets worse. One school kid in UK from Indian origin did just that by fighting back and teaching his bully a lesson after getting sick of racial comments by this bully.

The incident occurred outside a school in the UK where a bully kept harassing a young Sikh boy.
As can be seen from the video, the bully throws the first punch but quickly things turn the other way and he’s seen on the floor.

In many cases, the kids who are victims of bullying become long term victim of a mental stress or disorder which haunts them for life. For someone getting bullied it can be very traumatic experience and many such victims do not share with anyone because they are scared from the bully which makes it worse for them.

Though there is not one easy solution to tackle bullying, what this school kid did is definitely something that can push bullies back and make them think before they bully next time. Watch the video below: