100 Years of Beauty In India in One Minute

This is how Indian beauty has changed in last 100 years.

The team behind The Cut continues to deliver the awesome beauty video in different countries ranging from Mexico to Korea and Iran – all portrayed in less than two minutes.

“One of my researchers, who is Indian, broke it down like this: India is such a huge, diverse country and there is no way to include it all,” Creative director Mike Gaston says. Instead of showing it from the angle of regional looks, their idea was was to look at Indian beauty through the lens of Bollywood.

“The celebrity side of Indian beauty was the commonality,” says Gaston.
He researched on various images of Bollywood actresses in last hundred years till current time, and looked at how the hairstyles, jewellery like bindi and other accessories changed.

His current video has already received more than a million views and he believes that reason for popularity of his videos is that people like to see representations of themselves. He says “You have your own ideas of what you will see and there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with it.”