10 Apps To Make Life Easier For Students

Phones are an essential part of our lives. They keep us connected and make things simpler. Vik from ISA- International Students in Australia and Indians in Australia community programs, says that students are a big market for their online store. However, Being a university student, a phone can either be your best friend or worst enemy, depending on how you use it.

With so many apps available it can be hard to determine which are ones are best for a student. Here are 10 apps that’ll make your university experience smoother.

1) Tiny Scan

Everyone’s had that moment when you need to scan something but there’s no scanner around. Gone are those days with Tiny Scan. This app scans images through your phone’s camera and converts them into PDFs. It’s a must for students because it makes turning regular documents into PDFs an easy task.

2) LinkedIn

This social network is great for students trying to grow their professional network. With LinkedIn you can set your profile to include work experience, education, awards, volunteer work and more. The app lets you expand on these topics to help you become a better-rounded person. You can connect with other professionals through the app which provides a new way to network.

3) Study Blue Flashcards

This app enhances the standard flashcard set. Within Study Blue, you can make your own flashcards as well as add audio and pictures to improve study sessions. You can test your knowledge through quizzes and work with other classmates to share flashcards. Now you can carry multiple sets of flashcards anywhere and conveniently view them anytime you want.

4) Evernote

Evernote is the app to keep notes, to-do lists and tasks all in one spot. Every time you work within the app, it’s synced to your online account so you don’t have to worry about losing important files. You can record lectures and collect web articles and photos to keep them all in one convenient area.

5) Feedly

Keeping up with what’s going on in the news is something everyone needs. Feedly does this by generating all news information from various websites to provide all the news you need in one place. It’s powered by RSS to make it easier to read the news as you go.

6) TED

With TED you’re open to a wealth of information and inspiration from innovators all around the world. The app is an enlightening and educational resource for people of all ages. You can watch, listen or share videos. You can also search for videos by topics and create playlists focused on those topics you’re interested in.

7) Find My iPhone (Find my Phone for Android)

Misplacing your phone is not fun. You’re in a panic and keep trying to remember where you had it last. Students practically have their lives on their phones. With this app you can locate where your phone is.

All you need to do is to register your phone and make sure your location services are turned on. Now you can rest at ease knowing you’re prepared in case your phone goes missing.

8) Sleep Cycle

Sleep is something university students usually don’t get enough of. Getting up in the morning can be a struggle. Sleep Cycle monitors movement while you’re sleeping using the phone’s accelerometer. Then it finds the best time to wake you up by based upon the time range you specified.

9) Dropbox

Dropbox is the app that can store all your assignments, pictures and videos in one place. Students get 2 GB of free storage and can always pay to upgrade for more space. Once your files are in Dropbox, they’re available to access on any device or computer. Students can use this to save important files and view them anywhere on the go.

10) Spotify

Student life can’t be all work without a little fun. Spotify is one way to get a break and relax. This music app lets you listen to your favorite songs by creating a playlist based on artists and specific genres. You can also listen to music based upon what type of mood you’re in.

Now you see that being a university student doesn’t have to be so hard when there are apps like these to get you through it.

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