Red Carpet Fashion Show is Back – Bigger and Better!

red carpet fashion show

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The event that was a huge success last year is coming back this year on October 23rd.

Jen from What’s Hot Promo Products who attended the show last year said she is really looking forward to the creativity and style of new fashion designers. Red carpet Fashion show is an event promoting togetherness and multiculturalism at every opportunity and providing a platform for the local talents of Brisbane to shine. The Red Carpet fashion event is returning with their second annual showcase at Brisbane’s City Hall.

It will be a night of spectacular cultural performances, fashion show, catwalks, drinks and food. You will be able to admire the traditional attires from over 40 different countries, traditional Bridal attires from 15 different countries and unique fashion and designs from various local designers.

It will be a great opportunity to appreciate the different cultures and socialize with people from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Red Carpet Functions (RCF) was born off the idea to celebrate the rich art and culture from around the world but, with style. The creative heads behind RCF are from diverse industries, cultures and ethnicity.

Mediatimes is a proud sponsor of this event.

Join with us on the journey to celebrate world fashion with the designs of many countries represented on the catwalk as handpicked designers and models, up and coming and established, share their beautiful creations with us.

We would like to invite you to share the experience as we deliver this one-of-a-kind event right into the heart of Brisbane. Yes, that’s right, the heart of Brisbane being the wonderfully exquisite venue which is City Hall.

This is a unique, once a year event bringing together some of the city’s most brilliant creative minds under the one roof for one evening only!  Coupled with live performances in music and dance & it is easy to understand why so many communities are so keen to take part.

The Red Carpet Fashion Show provides an opportunity for some of the Creative Industries brightest lights in Brisbane to shine, sparkle, razzle & dazzle. It is also an amazing night to get dressed up yourself and then sit back and let us entertain you.

You can Buy the tickets for this event here.