Your Website Design May Be Killing Your Business

web design mistakes

A good website design understands the psychology of customers, delivers the result and keep customers happy while a bad design can make a user cry!

From my experience, I have seen the websites which make very basic mistakes in their design and lose potential customers. And in many e-commerce sites, the user interface is so cruel that users quit half way through the checkout process.

This high bounce rate can hurt your website very badly.

Imagine, you spent so much money on paid advertisement such as Adwords or Facebook paid ads to direct users to your website. User visit your site and leave without buying your product or service. This is sad, but true story of many business sites I see on a day to day basis. Many spend money on advertising but forget to spend money on their site which is your ultimate selling tool.

In my last seven years of working with businesses, some of the most common mistakes I have seen are missing search box, poor readability with some bizzare font size and styles, bad navigation, inconsistent interface design, complicated registration forms,  too many images and links on a page, big clutter and less white space and the list is long.

For the same reason, I decided to start my own digital marketing agency to help businesses overcomes these mistakes, increase their website conversions and to make their website a great selling tool for their business.


One major thing I consider while preparing or fixing a business website is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). For all the information on how SEO is performed you can check SEO Brisbane page which provide the details on things involved in search engine optimisation.

You need to optimise your website design for SEO. Basically, web design, user experience and SEO are very much connected to each other. If user is happy with your site, Google is happy too; which means you have got a good chance to appear in Google search results.

SEO and web design

Google has made many updates in the past and will keep making these updates in their algorithm in future. One common thing in all these updates is that Google wants websites to provide good value to the users and an excellent overall user experience. Considering millions of low quality sites with thin content on web today, it is not such as a bad thing to do.  Making a remarkable web design can do the trick.

A superior website design means users will spend more time on your site (means less bounce rate which is good for SEO), users will remember your site and click on your site in search results next time they see you in the search results (high click through rate which is again good for SEO) and of course they will recommend or share your site with others directly or on social media. This further increases your chances of sales from your website.

Another thing that many businesses miss out is content strategy. Content strategy itself is a complex and advanced technique so I won’t go in much details in this article but your website content is your key to reach out your audience and should be considered while designing your site.

Despite these advanced techniques, simplicity in design is important too. Today, the users are bombarded with so many advertisements, their news feeds are filled with lot of content and emails are full of salesy stuff. Hence, in current times, it is very important to convey your message in short and simple way without taking too much of user’s time. Apply the KISS rule, Keep it short and simple!

web design KISS rule


Few other factors that I consider while working on a client’s website are clear call to actions, perfected elevator pitch (convey your message to users in short span of user time), tracking conversions, A/B testing, engaging about us page, and top of all mobile responsiveness of the site which is also very important factor for SEO esp. after the last Google update.

I work with small businesses to help them overcome these website mistakes and achieve their business goals.

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