Orro | Secure Network and Digital Infrastructure Provider

ecure Network and Digital Infrastructure ProviderThe Orro Group has been around since its early genesis in 2003 when it entered the workforce as Comscenter. While its moniker may have changed a few times over the years since it opened, the company has remained at the forefront of Sydney’s digital infrastructure solutions

Their dedicated team of cybersecurity and network management professionals strives to provide expanded wide area network (WAN) options for every size business.


Who They Are

CEO Rodd Cunico has built a diverse and person-focused executive team that actively supports the most innovative digital network solutions Australia has to offer. WANs allow companies of all sizes and operational structures to extend their computer networks over large distances, connecting remote branch offices to data centers and to each other across the wide territories of Australia. This allows their servers to be continuously delivering applications and services required to perform business functions. Orro Group has worked diligently to overcome the physical logistics and constraints imposed by the propagation time over larger distances. Dealing with the need to integrate multiple service providers to cover global geographies, WANs face significant operational challenges, including network congestion, packet delay variation, packet loss, and service outages. Because the Orro Group is a domestic SD-WAN network solutions company, they are deeply invested in helping Australian businesses grow to their full potential.


What They Do

Digital Infrastructure

The Orro Group is equipped to handle a comprehensive WAN installation and management project, through the provision of building digital infrastructure customized to your organization’s unique needs. The option to choose a purely public, purely private, or hybridized cloud-based networking implementation allows businesses to manage their content, communications, and work for any location on our vast continent. In an ever-changing global economic environment post-COVID, now more than ever to stay viable businesses have to create a stable, reliable digital infrastructure. More and more employees working from home and still being able to maintain daily operations is essential to survive post-pandemic Oz.

Digital Network

Digital networking creation can focus on building your business an SD-WAN (software dependent wide area network), a private network that provides enhanced security for your proprietary data and communique, or the option to create a network-as-a-service platform and enhance existing connectivity.

Digital Workspace

Orro’s Digital Workspace solution provides companies of all size profiles with secure and collaborative online working environments for seamless remote productivity. The 24-hour availability of the Contact Center and Helpdesk keeps your doors open to potential clients and employees at all hours.


If your business needs to outsource cybersecurity monitoring, Orro may be a good option to bolster your existing WAN. With Governance and Compliance, Managed Securities Services, and Firewall as a Service available to choose? There are real-world cybersecurity solutions for nearly any budget.

Contact Orro

Phone Number

1300 900 000


Network Support Centre

L3 / 11 Help St,

Chatswood, NSW 2067



Security Operations Centre

L11 / 423 Pennant Hills Rd,

Pennant Hills, NSW 2120



Network Operations Centre

111 Ferrars St,

South Melbourne, VIC 3205



Network Operation Centre

15 Mayneview St,

Milton, QLD 4064



Western Operations Centre

L1 / 191 St Georges Tce,

Perth, WA 60

Wrapping Up

Orro has become an industry leader in the pan-Pacific marketplace and is well-positioned to help Australian businesses keep abreast of current Internet technologies safely. Be sure to visit their website at http://orro.group and set up a time to chat with one of their highly trained experts. Whether you are looking for a complete stem to stern digital infrastructure solution, or to shore up the existing technology your business currently uses? Doing your research will have you saying as many other Aussie companies have–the Orro Group gets it done.

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