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Australian Owned Security Cameras & Recorders CompanyThe IVSEC IP cameras are Australian-based video surveillance equipment effective for tracking car footage that drives in your residential yard or parking lot. IVSEC employs the latest technology in reinforcing all security needs through using specialized software, biometrics, and cameras (security).

All about IVSEC Cameras

Intelligent Video Security (IVSEC) is a branch of Media Hub Digital Smart product Pty Ltd, an Australian-based company. The firm is a reliable distributor of security solutions through the use of advanced technology. IVSEC offers video security products to private, corporate, commercial security companies and residential consumers. Their product solutions are reliable, easy-to-use and easy to install. Depending on the client’s budget, the IVSEC professionals choose the right security systems, cameras, specialized software, and biometrics for any project

Over the years, IVSEC Company has focused on offering hardware, equipment, and technology for both private and commercial security systems. IVSEC software servers, hardware, and mechanisms are all Australian models.

Why choose IVSEC

IVSEC offers top-notch video surveillance equipment at reasonable rates. Their mode of cameras is easy to install with in-built settings.

The IVSEC tools are customized and simplified to perform quick functions such as technical support, data feed, online dashboard, drop-ships, and installation services. IVSEC has interactive connection systems like roadshows, account managers, customized services, company visits, and association activities that enhance proficiency and add value to every client.

Apart from that, IVSEC Company has exclusive sales opportunities including exclusive sales promotions, product training, industry news, and regional showrooms for market visibility.

IVSEC List of Services on offer

Security Cameras

The video surveillance IP cameras have come with a 3- year warranty. They completely plug and operate with IVSEC security monitors & recorders. They are also compatible with ONVIF version 2.6 for easy operation with the NVRS (3rd party). The camera has both an android and Ios powerful app and VMS software. For easy transmitting of data, the IVSEC cameras have a power cable (Cat5 or Cat6).

Network Video Recorders (NVR)

Apart from the simultaneous recording of video images, the IVSEC’S NVR CCTV systems create remote access to IP security cameras. The NVR is a system that transfers images from IP video surveillance cameras. One can choose the recorders depending on their maximum channels, total storage, and channels depending on resolution according to FPS.

IVSEC Accessories

Accessories facilitate the functioning and performance of its surveillance products and security. They are classified depending on surveillance grade HDDs, networking, and pinhole brackets (universal). Some of the commonly known IVSEC accessories are; pendant mount, small conduit box housing, CCTV Tester, Seagate Skyhawk 2TB HDD, and small adaptor box.


IVSEC cameras are the solution for home and workplace needs. The IVSEC firm helps consumers identify suitable equipment for all security needs. Their cameras have a quality finish, are easy to install and come with an Australian tech support mechanism for guiding new users.

The high-tech cameras are compatible with Android and Ios devices and transmits data through the powering of the Cat5 cable. The IVSEC cameras also have accessories that maximize performance and efficiency. Accessories are available in various models. Through their excellent services over the years, has expanded its territories to many users. The cameras have a three year warranty and come in different variations. One can choose depending on the type, budget, purpose, and design.

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