How Alphabet Inc. Will Replace Google- All You Need To Know

“I would love for my phone to scream if I am about to miss an important thing in my life, and never bother me if I’m doing something very important and the information coming in is less important than what I’m doing,” said Sundar Pichai in a recent interview.

Larry Page, co-founder of Google and Sundar Pichai, the newly appointed CEO  have given the company a rebranding, the beginning of some exciting changes users should look forward to seeing.

Google has been housed by a new owner, a holding company run by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, named ‘Alphabet’.

Alphabet is a parent company of virtually every company acquired by this tech giant including search, YouTube, Android, advertising, maps and apps.

Saying Google has been rebranded is a vague explanation, it is a little more complex. Google is not simply a child under the holding company Alphabet. They have different purposes, corporate structure and the look of their logos are completely contrary.

This aesthetic difference is key in explaining the difference between the companies. Alphabet’s normal, one tone word mark symbols a growing up phase as opposed to Google’s quirky, goofy and ever changing logo.

The rebrand is the reply to the company’s sluggish share prices and investor apprehension . Although, the strategy has brought with it further unease from investors however, Page and his co-founder Sergey Brin have composed a corporate governance system that protected them from so much shareholder pressure for change.

Since the stagnation of search advertising growth leading to investor dissatisfaction, Google began a search of ways to rein in its investments, slowing growth in expenses. This was the beginning of the company’s shift in direction.

Google stock after Alphabet

Response to the change in direction has so far presented a positive response, with the stock price gearing up 6%.  Investors have still been buying the whole collection of projects, as of the new transition, they can now see clearly how much search advertising is subsidizing the company.

Some of the things users can look forward to with the transition:

  • The battle between video sharing platforms YouTube and Facebook will be no more with Pichai planning to make the medium smoother and more user-friendly.
  • With Pichai having a significant part of the creation of Android, he has become well known for being a shining star at the developer’s event I/O. Users should be expecting developers to have a smoother time with policies and programs designed to be valuable to developers.
  • Pichai was one of the largest contributors to the innovation of Googles toolbar. The toolbar is one of the largest reasons to rising popularity of Google Chrome. It has become the most commonly used internet browser on all devices. Considering this, users should expect future products to be easier, optimization friendly and flexible.

Since the media released the news on Google’s new move, Google stocks have been increasing. Google stocks have been in favour with $10 Billion added to the list since the media release. Considering the market is already holding high hopes for Google’s new CEO, higher rise in stocks for Google are surely on the horizon.

Google has stated it’s core products will focus on being technically excellent ad easy to use. Keeping this mission statement, Pichai has vowed to expand the product line, increasing the number of Google products while ensuring the power of Google’s machine learning in the occasion it is required.