Scientists Receive Radio Signals From Another World.

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The answer to the age old question, Are we alone in the universe may not be far away. Scientists have received  ‘Extragalactic’ radio waves from outer space. It is a still a mystery and scientists say alien life forms could be responsible.

alien contact

Jeff Goldblum’s character in the sci-fi film Independence day discovers hidden transmissions in Earth’s satellites. The whole thing started when radio stations received signals from another world.

For more than 10 years, many strange flashes have been picked up by radio telescope, displaying a mathematical pattern that has bamboozled experts, in a real-life version of the 1996 sci-fi film Independence Day .

What makes these radio signals so unusual is that the delay between the arrival of the first and last waves of each burst is always close to a multiple of 187.5, a mathematical phenomenon for which no explanation has been found.

There is also a possibility that human technology such as an unmapped spy satellite could be to blame. And it is also possible that the source of signal is aliens attempting to get our attention.

ancient alien theory

Ancient alien theorists, for a very long time has proposed a theory that Earth was visited by Extra terrestrials thousands of years ago. And they helped shape our infrastructure and history in the past. However, scientists have neglected their theories so far. Ancient alien theorists base their theory on the research around the secrets hidden in the history and the proofs embedded in the ancient scriptures and stone arts.

Human technology is still not that advanced to reach out there in the space and explore the vast areas of space. We have only recently been able to explore Pluto, a planet in our own galaxy.

We still do not have a complete understanding of the realms or existence of worm holes, even though the concept is accepted by scientists. We still are not able to discover a device that can carry a human with the speed of light, although Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity exists and already implemented in many other areas and the theory. Once this kind of technology is discovered, we will be able to reach to the places where we could not go earlier.

However, human technology is developing very fast and very soon it may be possible that we will be able to explore the vast areas of space. And who knows, we may very soon have a contact with some intelligent alien life that exists on some planet far away from Earth, to answer the question we have been asking for years.. “Are we alone in this universe?”