Donald Trump’s Popularity Terrifying: Christopher Pyne


Federal Industry Minister Christopher Pyne has said the popularity of Donald Trump is “terrifying” and is making American democracy look “kind of weird”.

Mr Pyne shared his feelings of the US presidential candidate on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show, ridiculing Trump’s violent rallies and the Donald Trump phenomenon.

“We’re seeing in America these terrible rallies occurring where people are becoming violent,” he said.

“Now democracy should be robust, but it certainly shouldn’t be violent, and I think the Donald Trump phenomenon is a real problem for the United States.

“It’s making their democracy kind of weird and I think that to the Republican party, if they choose Donald Trump, will find themselves in the wilderness for a very long time.”

Donald Trump is currently sitting on 673 delegates, well ahead of Texas senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich, who have 411 and 143, respectively.

If elected, Mr Trump will deport immigrants out of America and build a wall on the Mexican border as just some of his controversial promises.