What Happens After An India-Pakistan Cricket Match?

The world cup match between India and Pakistan is always more than just cricket. It is something else that only the fans of both teams would understand. Cricket is a craze, a religion in both the countries and fans buy tickets months before the match and would travel thousands of miles to see the big clash between the two teams.

We can only imagine the kind of pressure that both the teams must be having with the enormous expectations from both the teams.  And the same could be seen with the recent clash between India and Pakistan in 2015 world cup match in Adelaide. There was a high tension among the fans with the result of the match. Fans of both the teams were going crazy to cheer up their team.

Adelaide Oval was packed with Indian and Pakistan fans. Most of them travelled thousands of miles to see the match. The planes were packed with the Indian cricket fans; they all started cheering “Jeetega bhai jeetega, India jeetega” as the plane touched down. At the Adelaide Oval, It was a crowd of 42,000 fans cheering for their teams.

Both team played well but India won the match. However, that’s not the end of the story.

Things became bad and even turned ugly at many places. There was a wild brawl between the Indian and Pakistan fans at Sydney RSL Club. There were plates flying, chair legs swinging and even a bar stool soaring across the room. Four injured and two were arrested after the brawl.

On the other side of the globe, disheartened Pakistan cricket fans started protesting on the streets as a result of below-par performances of their cricket team in the first two matches of the ongoing World Cup.

Some fans even performed the mock funeral of the team in Pakistan and also set on fire an effigy of Najam Sethi, member of board of governors of Pakistan cricket Board.

On the other hand, Indian team was widely cheered at many places in India.

These are the aftermaths of the India-Pakistan match. It is a match which often becomes more than just a game. It is a craze which is far from over. On one side, it shows the passion of fans for the game while on the other side it also shows the extent to which fans can go if their team does not win the game and things do become ugly on some occasions.

In the end, fans of both the team need to understand that end of the day it is a game and winning and losing is part of the game. So it should never be taken personally. Cricket is called as a gentleman’s game and fans should support the spirit of the game at all times.