Bali Duo Final Goodbye to Families – Execution Confirmed

CONDEMNED Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran have said their final goodbyes to family and friends as the reformed drug smugglers prepare to face imminent execution by firing squad.

Family members and loved ones were allowed to visit for the final time until 5:00PM AEST this afternoon and were met by fierce local press staff while travelling to Bali’s ‘Death Island’.

Photographs of the death row inmate’s wooden tomb markers have been released with Wednesday the 29th April inscribed as the date of death.

In their final hours, Chan has asked to spend time with family and at church, while Sukumaran has asked to paint for as long as possible.

Despite the Australians requesting specific spiritual advisers to be alone with them in their final hours before death, Indonesian officials have denied them their preferences but are still agreeable to providing religious counselling.

A spokesperson has recently addressed media at the scene and was apparently vague regarding the exact time of the executions, saying it could be as early as midnight and as late as tomorrow afternoon.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has denied all appeals for clemency as the pair’s lawyers scramble to halt the executions being carried out.

Should no current legal effort prevail and succeed at swaying the Indonesian government, the pair will likely stand before 12 firers, only three with live ammunition and will be put to death after over ten years in prison.

The Australians were sentenced to death in February 2006 for attempting to smuggle large quantities of illicit drugs into Indonesia.