What to Plan Before Going to The Moonee Valley Cup 2020 

What to Plan Before Going to The Moonee Valley Cup 2020 Moonee valley cup is ranked under Group 2 race. Horses that participate in this race must have attained a certain weight and age. This event takes place at Moonee Valley in Australia and is usually organized by the Moonee Valley racing club. The Moonee Valley is a run of over two thousand five hundred miles. It first took place in 1983, where Castaway took the lead then. Moonee valley gold cup started as a principal race, advanced to Group 3 in 1979, and to its current group in 1980.

Horses that have participated in the Moonee Valley Cup and Melbourne cup include Kingston Rule, Blue Spec, Wodalla, and Clean Sweep. In 2019, the MV cup was worth five hundred thousand dollars and was won by Hunting Horn, Mr. Quickie, and Downdraft. The 2020 Moonee cup is scheduled to take place on 24th October 2020 at Moonee Valley racecourse. The race distance will be 2500m and the winner will take home five hundred thousand dollars cash prize. As to what time the race will take place is not yet known but to be communicated later. If you are planning to attend this race, consider the following:

Buy the ticket in advance

The Moonee valley gold cup race is a well-known event that attracts thousands of fans. According to statistics from previous years, the event is expected to be attended by many horse race supporters. It is therefore necessary to book your seat in advance to have a better view of this race.

Book accommodation

Due to many anticipated attendants from both local and other countries, the hotels are also expected to be at full capacity. Also, since the dates are set, it will be wise to make prior arrangements on where to spend to avoid a last minute rush. By so doing, one will be able to relax well and attend the event on time.

Place your bets wisely

For those who would like to place bets for the Moonee valley race, online betting firms such as Neds, Ladbrokes, and Sportsbet provide fast and efficient online betting services. After choosing the firm of your choice, create an account and log in to view the horses expected to participate in the race. After a thorough examination of the odds, choose odds for the horse you desire to place your bet. Once you have selected your best odds that you believe has a high probability of winning, enter the amount you wish to bet and then confirm, your bet will be successful.

Plan for your transport on time

Since you plan to attend this event and take part in history-making, it’s prudent to organize your transportation before the event. There is no need to get yourself worried about moving around since several sites can be of great help in planning for means to maneuver to and within Moonee Valley.

Dress code

The race being a sports event and not a business trip, avoid official wear but instead put on some casual but decent clothes. The choice of clothing should be more sports like and loose ones that will make you relax well. The code should also help you outshine the crowd. Therefore, if you are looking for an entertaining race, don’t miss the 2020 Moonee valley cup race.

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