Useful Tips You Can Refer for Maintaining Your Shade Sails

Author: Sylvia James

Shades sails are made using good manufacturing and excellent materials; however, you still need to maintain them regularly. Regular maintenance would ensure the durability as well as the performance of the shade sails, keeping you protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun and offering you a cool shade. Moreover, if you maintain your Shade Sails, it would also look great and not worn out over the years. 

Even though maintenance tips are normally provided in the manual, in case you have misplaced it, here are some general guidelines that you can follow to maintain the shade sails. 

  1. Proper Installation:

As shade sails are available in multiple sizes, some are small enough for you to install them yourself if you have the required tools and follow the manual without facing any difficulty. But, if you want to make sure that the shade sails are securely and properly installed, it is best to hire a professional shade sail installer. Improper installation can lead to damages and problems to the shade sail as well as to the connected structure. 

  1. Avoid Strong Detergents:

Your Shade Sails will have stains and dirt overtime on them. To remove them, you might use detergents. However, you have to ensure that you are not using strong detergents that contain harsh chemicals like halogens and sulfur. Water that is chlorine treat should be avoided as well. You can use mild dish washing soap for removing the dirt and stains without causing any harm to the shade sail’s fabric. 

  1. Check the Edges and Weak Spots:

Check the fabric to identify patches or weak spots. These patches indicate that that specific part is damaged or will gradually wear out that will result in big tears or holes. This will make the sail unattractive and useless. In addition to that, you should also keep a regular check on the edges. Quality shade sails have their edges layered with bands compared to the standard turned-and-sewn edges. For edges, you need to check for signs of loosening or fraying among the threads, that happens over time. In these cases, you need to contact your supplier and ask them to do the necessary repairing of your shade sail. 

  1. Keep Fire Away:

Even top-notch shade sails are fire-resistant. Hence, when you install your shade sails, you should ensure that they are always at a safe distance from barbeques and grills. It is always advised to avoid using fire in any way underneath them as sparks can fly from the grill and create holes in it. Moreover, the smoke can further form soot on the fabric that would hamper the look as well as the functioning of the shade. In worst-case scenarios, the sail might catch fire and burn your entire house down, causing life-threatening accidents. 

  1. Take Them Down:

When it comes to shade sails, they can withstand gentle rains and sun’s heat, but they are not designed to protect you from heavy rains and winds. Therefore, when a storm, cyclone, or intense hurricane approaches, you should take down the shade sails immediately. Leaving the shade sails during a heavy rain will result in water accumulation on the sail. The weight of the water will make the shade sail sag and pressurize the anchor points. This would ultimately make the whole structure collapse. 

You can follow these simple tips to extend the lifespan as well as maintain the outlook of your expensive shade sails. Through regular maintenance and proper care, your shade sail would last you for years, hence preventing you from spending a tremendous amount of money behind buying a new shade sail. Since maintenance needs a lot of work, you can always ask your supplier to provide you with maintenance experts.