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Who They Are

Streeterlaw is a law firm in Sydney Australia that deals with family law, commercial litigation, dispute resolution, and debt recovery. It prides itself as one of the most progressive firms with an excellent track record. Led by a seasoned commercial litigation lawyer Mark Streeter, it anchors all its services on truth and dedication to its clients.

Its internal systems are automated with every resource on your case contributing directly towards the outcome. The processes ensure timely and truthful services. Combining the legal experience among the Streeterlaw partners, the client gets value for their money, with an incredible track record to match.

For sensitive social matters, specialist family law solicitors within the Streeterlaw ranks are there to help. Truth, law, and resolutions form the guiding principles of any family feuds. Located at the heart of the city, Streeterlaw is your go-to law firm in Sydney.


What Do They Do?

Streeterlaw’s are known law specialists in the following areas:-

Commercial Dispute Resolution

The firm handles various commercial disputes, including contractual disputes, partnership agreements, asset recoveries, and insurance claims. Other competencies include shareholding alignments, articles, and corporate fraud.

Led by the Principal, the litigation lawyers have extensive experience in business law. The firm stands out due to its holistic approach to situations, focus, and years of service experience. Mr Mark Streeter, the Principal, is an accredited commercial litigator.

The client gets regular briefs and truthful accounts on their case. Most business disputes are lengthy, but the team ensures speedy resolutions with focus on favourable results. They derive their findings from facts and advice on the best way forward.

Family Law

The complexity of family law needs a personalised touch. In most cases, they are the hardest to solve since they appeal more to emotions that reason. There are various ways of solving such disputes, depending on its nature. The process involves making the client understand their rights, showing other conflict resolution mechanisms, and guiding the client in making the right decision.

Simon Green leads the family law division at Streeterlaw. She is an accredited family law specialist with a wealth of experience in divorce, parenting, and same-sex relationships. Others in the team include Jordi Rodrigues and Mr Mark Streeter. Their call to action is peaceful resolutions and amicable settlement in case of a divorce.


Wills and Guardianship

A will is recognised by law as a testament of a person with firm instruction on estate management. Likewise, any person can challenge the will if omission or commission is proved. In such cases, Streeterlaw comes in handy to not only harmonise the estate management but solve family feuds in the process. Such scenarios occur mostly in blended families, sibling rivalry, and estranged parents.

The division is led by the Principal, with close help from Gemma Brouggy and Lindsay Roach. Altogether, the team has over 20 years’ experience in disputed guardianship and wills. The unit uses reason, proof, and the truth to solve the problem.

Strata Legal Solutions

Besides direct involvement in the above legal works, Mr Mark Streeter offers Strata Legal Solutions advisory services. It is a product by Streeterlaw and purposely handles Strata Management, Lot Ownership, and Strata committee. The cadre solves disputes emanating from associations, businesses, and civil works.

Either Jamal Bakalian or Mark Streeter is the go-to persons as the strata commercial litigation lawyer. Mr Mark is licensed to solve commercial disputes while Jamal Bakalian wields public law and commercial dispute resolution power.

How to Contact them?

Office Address:

Streeterlaw (Opening hours 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Monday to Friday)

Level 2, 50 Park Street, Sydney NSW 2000


1300 293 957


02 8003 9101





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