What Kid Helplines Does and Signs That You Need Them?

Kids Helpline https://kidshelpline.com.au/ is a private, free, and confidential counselling for young people between the age of five and twenty-five in Australia. It is primarily funded by the income-raising activities of yourtown via its house lotteries, and prize draws. Also, Kids helpline is supported by Optus, their corporate sponsor, via individual funds, trusts, events, fundraising, and donations.

What does Kids Helpline do?

Professional counsellors respond to more than six thousand calls every week about problems ranging from bullying, sexual abuse, to relationship breakdown, alcohol and drug usage, depression, social thoughts, and homelessness.

  1. Kids Helplines

Online counselling for kids caters to the many needs of young kids between the age of 5 to 12. They receive free 24\7 assistance in areas like fighting with friends, domestic altercations, feeling lonely, and what to do if someone is bullying or hurting them.

  1. Teenager helplines

This category is available to teens, normally at the age of 13 to 18 years. It covers several issues, including mental health, internet security (eSafety), life issues, work and school, physical fitness, family, identity, friends, sex, and relationship.

  1. Youth-adult helplines

This counselling service category proves a safe haven for youth-adults at the age of 19 -25. The team of professionals covers topics like managing money, abuse, sexual identity, pregnancy, the impact of pornography, anxiety, gender identity, the stress of leaving home, depression, and self-harm.

  1. Parent helplines

Carers, guardians, and parents can all benefit from this helpline. Experts offer counselling in areas such as child neglect, assisting children in identifying as well as expressing feelings, teens using alcohol and drugs, bullying at school, supporting a kid who is contemplating suicide, aiding their children to cope with examination stress.

  1. School helplines

Most kids’ helplines offer free sessions to schools. A team of counsellors facilitates these sessions in the classroom through working closely with qualified educators to provide a service which is relevant to the students, video conferencing. The sessions are highly interactive and informative, allowing the students to participate in these activities of problem-solving as they address their problems.

  1. Cyberbullying helplines

We all can agree that cyberbullying is the primary area of specialisation of any helpline. Cyberbullying helplines equip the youth with emotional and practical tools to deal with bullying and harassment generated online. In this category, people are informed of how to shield themselves from cyberbullying.

Signs that you really need a helpline

Each and every one of us requires a helping hand at some time in their lives. Below are common signs, which may lead to you seeking out expert counselling.

  • Contemplating suicide

Suicide is the climax of all symptoms of an endless cycle of abuse, bullying, and stress. If the thought of committing suicide crosses your mind, that is a red flag that you immediately need help.

  • Suffering physical, emotional, or sexual abuse

No doubt that violence often leaves the victim broken and ashamed. Simply talk your truth and then seek out a masterly ear.

  • Suffering from peer pressure

Peer pressure (negative) makes its victim act out of character. Do you want to untangle the mess confidentially and privately? Well, seek online counsellors.

  • Experiencing stress

High-stress levels can cause even the strongest of personalities to crumble gradually. Anyone in such a condition should not hesitate to seek out counselling.

  • Being bullied

Bullying is a common factor that can lead to you seeking out advice as it leaves an emotional scar.


Parenting your kid through each stage and age can bring difficulties. You do not have to handle everything yourself; Kids Helpline provides free 24/7 Phone & Online Counselling. It is an option that will get your kid extra support when in need.

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