New vending machines in Brisbane that will convert your rubbish into money.

rubbish brisbane

Queenslanders will be able return used containers to depots in shopping centres and receive 10 cents in return from 2018.

Environmental groups have been trying to reduce plastic litter in rivers and oceans for a very long time via “cash for containers scheme”. Finally the scheme was launched in Qld on Friday morning by Environment Minister Steven Miles.

For a very long time Queenslanders wished they had this scheme so they could utilise the benefits of making money out of rubbish scheme which is already there in other state like SA and NT.

“South Australia has had a similar scheme since the 1970s, the Northern Territory introduced one in 2011 and New South Wales will introduce their scheme next year.

It is estimates that the money from recycling plastic, cans and cardboard containers could raise $25 million for community groups every year.

14 billion drink containers are used currently every year by Australians but only about half were recycled. Most of them were drink containers.

Queenslanders were among Australia’s worst litterers.

With the new scheme, most drinks sold in containers between 150ml and three litres will be included and eligible containers will be clearly marked. Plain milk, pure juice and wine containers would not be included in the scheme.

Queensland’s “cash for containers” scheme will be linked to a similar scheme in New South Wales, Dr Miles said.

Dr Miles said while South Australia had a recycling scheme for a long time, other states were beginning to move on recycling plastic and removing litter from waterways.