This will help you block Ads on YouTube!

youtube ad blocker

Millions of people around the world watch YouTube. We all know that the video ads can be annoying sometimes.

If you’re watching a movie, there may be an ad after every 15 mins or so, if you’re watching a movie trailer there may still be a video ad of another movie trailer. All this can get annoying.

This can get worse if you’re watching YouTube for learning or corporate purpose. Imagine you’re trying to watch an important video during an office meeting and some random video ad appears in between your video. Even our favourite “Skip Video” button is slowly disappearing from many of the videos these days.

Luckily there is a solution. There is a YouTube ad blocker chrome extension which can remove the video ads from YouTube. Thanks to all AdBlock supporters! After you install this chrome extension, it will stop the video ads from your YouTube videos automatically. And yes it works!

So now you can enjoy the videos without any interruptions. Have a better YouTube experience!

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