Red Carpet Multi-Cultural Show 2016 in Brisbane a Huge Success!

The Red Carpet Multi-cultural Fashion non-profit show went off with a bang at the Brisbane City Hall on Sunday night.

The show was as infectious as fashionistas, designers, media persons and others came to see one of the largest multi-cultural fashion shows ever produced in Australia.

With very talented new designers in the line up, the show was spectacular.

It was an event full of colours, the colours from different nations around the world.  The highlights of the show were 10+ Live performances, 15+ creative designers, and 50 + proud multi-cultural models from more than 15 different countries.

Mediatimes interviewed Katherine Fielding, one of the models at the show. “Red carpet Functions provide a unique space for multicultural designers and fashions to be showcased right here in the heart of Brisbane. The event on Sunday evening was a spectacular affair filled with fun and excitement. It was an honour to be a part of such a diverse range of talented creatives.” said Katherine.

“Originally heralding from New Zealand, having grown up in the UK before emigrating to Australia at the age of 15, I come from a well travelled background. It was such a joy to be surrounded by so many cultures showcasing their traditional attire. Reena Augustine and the other event organisers have been fantastic throughout the planning and execution of event and it was a fantastic turn out with a full house! As a model coach and trainer for catwalk and posing it was fantastic to meet new and upcoming models who are sure to be ones to look out for in the future. As a model it was an honour to be a part of the best multicultural fashion show in the country and I look forward to next years event.” said Katherine.


photo credits: Aras Shots and Vibrant Visuals

The Red Carpet Fashion show 2016 had designers from over 15 countries where people witnessed their style, ethnicity and a tinge of culturally inspired designs. The designs were inspired by artistic movements, motivated by the influences of culture and crafted on the idea that beauty manifests in multiple forms.

Reena who orgnaised the show said the night was a huge success and that she was blown away by the appreciations from the crowd present at the event who were applauding and cheering to designs which were a great blend of culture and style.

After months of hard work, the show turned out to be success in the end.

The show couldn’t be such a huge success without the contribution of all the participants, team of volunteers and of course designers, stylists, and sponsors.

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