Kids Activities Brisbane – Things to do in Brisbane with Kids

kids activities brisbane

There are plenty of kids activities in Brisbane and in this guide, you will see a list of all the best spots in Brisbane for kids activities. So next time you are looking for places to go with kids, you can refer to this guide.

Kids need their daily dose of fun and excitement. It is the primary responsibility of parents to look out for reliable and exciting places around, which will give their kids the advantage to unwind themselves, and more so for the betterment of their health, fitness and of course fun. Consider yourself to be extraordinarily lucky for your kids, if you reside in and around Brisbane. There is a preponderance of innovative kids activities in Brisbane. Here are quite a few great things that your kids would certainly love to experiment with:


#1 – Giving a Hug to Koala 

The over pounding love for Koala starts exuberating if you take your adorable kid on a brief excursion to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane.

This Brisbane Zoo guide will give you a full list of all the zoos in or around Brisbane. Kids love zoos and it won’t be a bad idea to check out this list.

Hugging, or playing pranks with Koala is as fascinating, or maybe even more captivating than watching Jungle Book. Lone Pine is ranked amongst the biggest koala sanctuary across the globe having over 130 Koalas, and your kid would love to catch the sight of these marsupials clanged to the trees in their natural habitat.

Now it’s even better with the new koala science centre opened inside the sanctuary itself.

And besides Koalas, there are also over 90 odd animal species native to Australia, and a few of these include Emus, Wallabies, Dingoes, Platypuses, etc. You need to pay a little extra for a unique and loving experience and let your kid clasp a Koala, or tenderly touch Snake, or maybe hold eagle in his bare hands. If this is not what is satiating you, a good idea is to hand feed the Kangaroos, untamed lorikeets, cuddling baby chicks, etc.

The extent of excitement that your kid gets at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane is enriching and pleasurable in every sense. You can always visit this place on a river cruise that starts from Brisbane’s Cultural Centre Pontoon. It is again a good alternative to outrightly catch the bus from City Centre.


#2 – Sightseeing on the Brisbane River on the Cruise

The 90-minute worthy Brisbane River Sightseeing Cruise will turn out to be an all-time great wonder lust for your kid. The cruise meanders through suburban areas, then spirals about the CBD and bestows upon the children and adults a unique kind of attraction, which is fit to be called priceless, though momentary in nature.

Besides Brisbane River sightseeing activity, this cruise takes you to prevalent landmarks such as Story Bridge, Historic Buildings, Kangaroo Point Cliffs etc. A close view of fruit bat colonies in the river bank mangroves is indeed an exciting experience for your kid.

There is also an option for the self-guided tour, or take your ride on a CityCat and be quick enough to store audio tour information on different sightseeing options. Free of cost choice is available at the CityHopper Ferry Service that sails all the way on the Brisbane River and halts for Maritime Museum and South Bank 3. Cruising up the river stream paddling an old wheeler is something that you will never let your kid pass by.


#3- Jump on a Trampoline

It is again one of the billion things that your loving kids like to get through, as they feel charged up and is always ready to burn the energy. Brisbane is home to some of the best trampoline centres (trampoline park Brisbane) in Australia, offering the kids a superb bouncy feel for an hour, and for parents, they have the option either to give an overwhelming company to their kids or get laid back in the nearby on-site café.

Bounce, Inc. is around 12 km, from CBD with over 50 organized trampolines supported by fascinating and huge airbags. The excitement further adds up extraordinary tinge when the wall-running areas and dodgeball courts are fused together. Kids with +3 age have a superb rainy-day wonderland welcoming them.

Sky Zone is also a great treat for your kids, which is almost 12 kilometres from the CBD. It is necessary that you book the tickets to the place in advance, and save yourself from the last-minute hassles.


#4 – Splashing, Swimming, Swinging and Plenty of Fun Activities at Streets Beach, South Bank

Do you want to explore a superb kid-friendly attraction on Brisbane’s Riverside? What keeps you waiting! There is an aquatic activity, art galleries, and creative museums.  The aquatic water park is a unique attraction, dotted with fountains, and gorgeously themed play features. You just cannot resist from round the clock beach action. Streets Beach is the point of man-made lagoon. This is the place where kids get full time to paddle while parents lay down and soak themselves in the clean white sand beaches.


#5 – Fancy Welcomes Your Kids at SparkLab, ScienCentre 

The Queensland Museum strategically situated in South Bank is the host to SparkLab, ScienCentre, which is amazing for its fun assortment of interactive exhibits, which are basically for the busy brains to keep their moods analytic and thinking. It is the right place for your kids to spend hours brooding and analyzing, besides gaining knowledge about their body and knowing the things in a better way.

Learning experience doubles automatically when the kids engage in mind learning activities relating to astronomy, sound, time, and also solving the puzzles. Yet another fascinating point is the optical illusion corner, where you can become a little busy snapping photo of your kids.

In succinct, you need to shortlist the best in the league of kids activities in Brisbane such that your kids enjoy being the part of such activities. And make sure, the type of activities your kids involve themselves in, is exciting and enjoyable.