Tips for Staying Cool at Work in the Summer

Australian summers are brutal. It’s no surprise that people think more about relaxing in the garden over the summer than they think about how the heat affects their work. For office workers, the summer can be very challenging. Productivity can take a massive hit in the hot months, and most office managers see a marked increase in the number of sick days taken when the sun is shining. If you want to maintain your levels of productivity, here are some top tips to stay cool in the office, even when summer is at its peak and your team would all much rather be sunbathing or hiding in the fridge.

Adjust the Dress Code

Don’t be too strict about workwear over the summer. While looking smart is always going to be important, don’t go overboard when it comes to suits and ties. Make smart casual a part of your company dress code and your team will be very grateful for it. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that meeting clients and dealing with customers means having to wear a heavy suit. Smart casual could be the first step to a happier, cooler team.


One of the best ways to keep your office workflow nice and steady is to provide your team with constant access to water. This is always a good idea, even over the winter. However, over the summer, you need to make sure that not only does your team have that access to all the water that they need, but also that the water itself is either chilled or ice cold. When people get too hot, they can’t focus, and being able to cool down and rehydrate with a glass of cold water is the ideal solution.

Maintain Temperature

Changes in temperature can come on quickly, and they can often take you by surprise. Changing heat levels can be very disruptive, so air con units are essential in an office over the summer. If you don’t have a built-in air con unit, look at investing in a convenient portable air conditioner for more control over office temperatures. Be aware that you will usually need your air conditioner to be running throughout the working day, so you’re going to need a unit that is up to the task. With the wide range of portable air conditioners available, there’s no excuse to let your team deal with heat changes and excessive summer heat levels.

Block the Sun

While the summer sun is always nice to lounge in, it’s a lot less fun when you’re sitting at your desk and having to shade your eyes. If you have large windows in your office then these can quickly act as a heat trap, simply adding to your temperature issues. Sunscreens and blinds should always be used over the summer. While natural light is always of benefit, if the glare coming through the window is excessive then your productivity is going to drop. Sunscreens can often block out light and give you much less control. Blinds are the office solution that you should always look at more closely.

The business world slows down for no one, and maintaining productivity throughout the year is essential. With the summer causing so many potential disruptions, you must take the time to start prepping your office for the warmer months as early as possible. Take the time to make your office summer-ready and your productivity rate might even go up.