How to Score the Best Women’s Perfume Online

Author: Sylvia James
Despite the inherent relationship of fragrance with our sense of smell, it would seem strange to recommend purchasing a bottle of Eau de parfum without even taking a whiff. Yet in the same manner, we’re already buying clothing without putting them on, a growing majority of people are shopping fragrances online without even smelling them.

And it’s simple to understand why: there’s a range of major money-saving offers accessible online and ordering from a website is both secure and efficient. Additionally, when you live far from the closest perfume shop or department store, ordering women’s perfume online can be your only alternative.

To help simplify the purchase of women’s perfume online, here are a few tips to consider:


Do your homework

Be careful of cheap perfumes as you could wind up with an undesirable fragrance if you purchase from a less than reputable brand. Do your diligence and review user feedback from Yelp and other sources to ensure the business you’re buying from is authentic. To have a better understanding of how other customers like the scent in question, check to see if an influencer or media outlets have featured it. Their experiences can help to guide your decision. Also, note the refund/return policy in case you are not satisfied with the item.

Check the descriptions

The descriptions of fragrances on the sites have a purpose. Scents are described using words that evokes emotion. This way, you can get a sense of how that kind of smell suits your style and personality.

Search for descriptions that resonate with you.

Know your notes.

You can see the term “notes” in the description of any fragrance sold online. Although there can be seven separate groups, there can be four main families that you can try to remember: fresh, floral, woodsy and oriental. Understanding what style fits you best can help you select the right fragrance.

Here’s a short guide about fragrance notes:


This family consists of plain, sophisticated and clean notes — everything tropical, herby, citrusy and oceanic scents fall into this category. Flavourful, sweet aromas may also be combined with mild or fruity scents. Go for a perfume with fresh notes if you’re searching for something natural and carefree.


In this family, you will find notes from jasmine, peony, gardenia, to list a few. You can also find floral mixes, such as fruity-floral (with notes of blackberry for a rich, musky vibe, while strawberry and apple give off a juicy and sweet scent) and floral oriental (with subtle spice notes such as carnation and vanilla). For this, you have quite a wide variety of floral fragrance options. In this classification, you’ll find both delicate and tasteful fragrances together with bold and luxurious ones. This family of aromas is best suited to an ultra-feminine woman.


Excellent for people who like elegance and the outdoors, the fragrances in this family give off the vibe of the countryside. In this class, you can recognize notes of cedar, tobacco and burnt wood notes, along with fresh citrus notes, to name a couple. Woody notes are often used for men’s perfumes, so take note if you like spritzing on your husband’s cologne.


The fragrances in this family are not for the fainthearted, as they comprise thick, exotic aromas. When you think oriental scents, you will think of spices and herbs or fresh, powdery, resin notes. They are strong and powerful, and they are ideal for people with an expressive nature to suit. In this classification, you will find notes of incense, warm spices, patchouli and myrrh.

Buying perfume online can be a challenging task. However, keep in mind that the most crucial aspect when you purchase fragrance from any platform is not to rush. A wonderful scent should last and is a vital statement of your style, so if you plan to make a smart decision, make sure you spend enough time in choosing the perfect scent for you.

Author Bio: Sylvia James is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.

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