How To Rank Your Video on YouTube (2018-19)

youtube SEO

How to rank your video on YouTube? If you are a YouTuber, planning to become a full-time YouTuber or simply wish to promote your business video then you must optimise your YouTube video by following these 9 tips. Following these tips will help your video rank better in YouTube search and in suggested pages.

1. Add Keywords in Your video title

To search for the best keywords for your video, first, make use of auto-suggestion of YouTube search. Also, download one of these chrome extensions that will help you find the search volume and competition for your target keywords-  TubeBuddy or VidIQ

Select keywords with less competition and high search volume.

2. Use the keywords in video audio

Either talking in front of the camera or just recording screen, use the keywords in your speech or audio. YouTube is smart enough to detect what you are talking in the video so make sure you use the keywords so you rank better in YouTube search results for your preferred keywords.

3. Make longer videos.

More time spent on Your video = better Ranking. “Watch time” is the number 1 ranking factor for YouTube currently. Make longer videos so you have great overall watch time for your channel and it gets preference in search results over other channels. Channels like “Justin Bryant” intentionally make longer videos (at least 15 mins) and for the same reason, his videos often appear high in YouTube search results.

4. First 30 secs are important. 

First impression= last impression. If you lost the audience in the first few seconds then they will never again come to your channel. The user’s attention span on YouTube is very less, usually around 5-10 secs. So, grab their attention within these first few secs to keep them longer in your video.

5 Use info cards to suggest your other related videos.

YouTube gives you an option in YouTube Studio to edit the videos. While editing, you can add “info cards”. Use these info cards to suggest a related video while a user is watching your video. You can also suggest your other channels or playlists.

6. Use END SCREEN Feature

Use END SCREEN feature in “YouTube Studio” while editing a video to add suggested videos at the end of the video. YouTube gives you some templates where you can add these videos and ask the user to Subscribe to your channel.

7. Use keywords in tags 

Tags are still important and help YouTube show the right video to users for the relevant search term. Make a list of your important keywords and add them in decreasing order of importance in YouTube video tags so more important first. One good trick is to use your own channel’s name in tags. This way YouTube will only suggest videos from your channel to the user watching your video.

8. Use keywords in the description

Describe the video and tell everyone why they should watch your video. Add your title or keywords at the start of your description. Also, ask users to connect with you on social and provide social links in YouTube video description.

Use “Channel Default” feature of YouTube to automatically add description text to newly uploaded videos so you don’t have to write same text over and over again.

9. Take users to your BLOG 

Ask users to visit your blog for more information after they have watched your video. Give more useful info, links, images etc in your blog. This way you can also get more traffic to your website or blog.