Create Your Eye-Catching Jewellery with the Best Jewellery Findings Supplier

Jewellery findings is the term for all the extra components, parts, and accessories that make up a piece of jewellery. This excludes beads, strings, and gemstones, but includes things like clasps, jump rings, cups, studs, coronets, hooks, fittings, and mounts.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic hobbyist or a professional jewellery maker, sourcing quality jewellery findings is highly important. This is the first step in crafting an eye-catching, original, and beautiful piece of jewellery.

Luckily, it isn’t too hard to find the right jewellery findings for your requirements. Simply look for a supplier that meets all the qualities you’re looking for and ticks all the boxes for your practical needs. To assist you in your search, we’ve put together a list of things to look for when selecting a jewellery findings supplier.

5 Qualities to Look for in Your Jewellery Findings Professional

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Jewellery Findings

1. Experience Reigns Supreme

It goes without saying that your jewellery findings supplier needs to be highly experienced in their field. This is a specialised craft that requires a mix of art and science. It blends precision and beauty, uniqueness and repeatability, technology and craftsmanship.

You need a jewellery findings manufacturer who is experienced enough to both create you a one-of-a-kind component and to replicate it many times over to meet your needs. Material thicknesses need to be exact, production needs to be clean, and atmospheric conditions need to be perfectly controlled.

All of this takes many years of experience, so look for this in your jewellery findings manufacturer and supplier.

2.Variety Is the Spice of Life

A jewellery findings supplier who can provide a wide range of products is one who can assist with all your needs. Whatever the project, whatever the component, you should be able to confidently turn to one team to get everything you need – all in the quantities you require.

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Jewellery findings supplier

Your jewellery findings supplier should be able to produce components in a wide variety of weights and thicknesses, as well as products that suit all dimensions and all tastes.

Some of the jewellery findings your supplier should specialise in include:

  • Butterfly clasps
  • Threaded posts
  • Bails
  • Jump rings, both heavy and light
  • Pearl cups
  • Pearl cup pendants
  • Four claw regal studs
  • Four claw threaded studs
  • Flat padlocks
  • Puff heart padlocks
  • Shepherds hooks
  • Four-claw double bezel pendants, settings, and studs
  • Bell fittings, including briolette bell fittings
  • Briolette bell pendants
  • Princess cut studs
  • Rubover studs
  • Six claw regal studs
  • ID plates
  • Flat pendant shapes – including heart, oval, round, and oblong
  • Chain ends, large medium and small
  • Half ball drop studs

3. Proven Manufacturing Technique

The manufacturing technique utilised by your jewellery findings provider is highly important. After all, it is this technique that will determine the overall quality of your components. The manufacturing technique they utilise will also influence things like speed of turnaround time and price.

Look for a jewellery findings supplier who manufactures their components using proven techniques, such as the press tool method. Otherwise known as the coining method, this technique combines high output with high-quality to ensure the best of both worlds for you.

Driven by automation as well as digitised and pneumatic processes, the press tool method has many benefits. This includes an extremely fine tolerance when it comes to material thickness and weight, as well as no porosity during the casting process, and mechanical stone setting capabilities.

Some jewellery findings manufacturers will utilise several production methods, so it’s best to look for someone who exclusively uses the press tool or coining approach.

4. Limitless Wholesale Capabilities

This point is especially important for those who are working professionally in the industry. You need a jewellery findings supplier who can work with wholesalers and manufacture components in wholesale quantities. Whether you’re a fellow jewellery manufacturer, a wholesale supplier, or a large retailer, when you work with a manufacturer who produces a high output of jewellery findings, you can rest assured that your order will be fulfilled.

Again, much of this comes down to the previous point. Press tool manufacturing can sustain a high output without sacrificing on quality. However, the values, product range, track record, and experience of a supplier should also be considered when evaluating their ability to meet your wholesale needs.

5. Competitive Price Per Unit

The final thing to look for in your jewellery findings supplier comes down to one word: affordability.

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Jewellery Findings

At the end of the day, you are looking to create jewellery that you can sell, or at least create a piece for an affordable price. To ensure this is possible, you need to keep your costs down when it comes to jewellery findings. Look for a supplier who keeps costs low in the manufacturing process without ever sacrificing on quality or consistency across their range. Once again, the manufacturing technique and the quality of manufacturing equipment is crucial in ensuring a low cost per unit.

Your supplier should use tools that are developed and maintained on-site, and they should also embrace automation in their manufacturing process to keep costs low. If they are an experienced wholesale supplier, this should also leave them well placed to give you a good deal.

Connect with an Experienced Jewellery Findings Professional Today

Now that you know the qualities to look for, you can be confident in selecting a jewellery findings supplier for your needs. Remember to partner with a professional who is experienced, affordable, and able to produce a wide variety of findings using proven, advanced manufacturing techniques. If you’re looking for large quantities of jewellery findings, remember to also keep a supplier’s wholesale manufacturing ability at the front of your mind.

With these guidelines, you are sure to find a supplier who can create precise, eye-catching, and high-quality jewellery findings at scale.


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