A Short Guide to Know All About Ducted Air Conditioning

During the summer, it is nice to have an AC installed in your home. Air conditioners nowadays have plenty of different models and options to choose from. These are window air conditioners that are fitted to the windows, split air conditioners in which the cooling unit is fitted in your room, whereas the outdoor unit is fitted outside the room for removing the hot air, and ducted air conditioners in which a cooling unit is installed within the walls, and there is a channel of ducts and vents through which the air is passed to cool down the rooms. The best thing about ducted air conditioning is that it can cool more than one room at the same time. It is best for fitting in your house, office or industry, if you want all rooms to be cooled equally without any bulky, unsightly units.

Here, we will know more about the ducted air conditioners in detail, and look at their types and benefits.


What are Ducted Air Conditioners?

As mentioned above, a ducted air conditioning system has no external units. It has a cooling unit that is fitted inside the walls, roofs or even floors. The air is cooled in the cooling unit and then it is distributed evenly to all the places with the help of ducts and vents. Depending on the type of your set up and structure of your home or office, the model of the AC can be customized. If you have an office that has multiple floors and need to install ducted ACs, then a big cooling unit is installed, and then through inter-storied ducts, the air is transmitted to all the floors.


Types of Ducted AC Systems

Basically, there are two types of ducted AC systems, singular ducted systems and reverse cycle ducted systems. A singular ducted air conditioning system can only cool your room and it is ideal for use in the summer season. On the other hand, reverse cycle ducted air conditioners can perform both as a cooling unit and as a heating unit. So, it has a dual role of cooling your rooms during the summer season and heating your room during the winter.


Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits of installing these AC systems:

  • Highly cost-efficient: Though the initial investment of setting up a ducted air conditioner is high, the cost of installing separate air conditioners for different rooms can be even higher. The ducted air conditioning system is particularly beneficial if you have multiple rooms that you want to cool.
  • Reduction in manual operation: There is no need to manually control the cooling effect of all the air conditioners. All you need to do is control the angle of ducts and vents to control the cooling effect. Thus, there is no need to have multiple remotes for controlling the ACs, controlling the temperature and cooling, and shutting them down individually. This can be quite harassing when you have multiple ACs installed in each room.
  • Energy efficient: There is no doubt that installing ducted air conditioning system in your house or office will be energy efficient while being cost-efficient. Like split air conditioners, the ducted ACs also have ratings that will give you an idea of power savings.


All in all, ducted air conditioning can be ideal for big setups like offices and commercial spaces such as restaurants, cinema halls, shopping malls, etc. If you have a big house, you can still go for ducted ACs to give you savings in your electricity bills. So, get a good AC system for your residential or commercial space and reap all the benefits it has to offer.

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