Australian Women Who Made The Country Proud 

women of Australia

From the film industry to politics, Australians are cleaning up the platform of success at home and all over the world. Their common characteristic? They are all women, and their successes celebrate the achievements of ordinary women in creating a society that is far less gender skewed, both here and all over the world.

Gone are the days of our sisters trampling each other on the red carpet on the journey from a nobody to a somebody.

It is in my experience through university groups, the workplace and even in the gym, that contrary to widespread belief of bitchiness, my ladies are actually incredibly keen to help a sister out.

There is a growing culture of a sisterhood that embraces the offering of ‘how can I help you?’ and ‘we could do this together.’ The result? A prevalence of Australian women in the spotlight driving the motivation of young women who view them as an inspiration.

Here are five Australian women whose achievements are being acknowledged and respected in various industries around the world.

1. Ashy Bines
Ashy Bines is an Australian personal trainer who instead of just developing a strict diet and fitness plan, has established a favourable healthy lifestyle. The Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge educates Australian women on how to maintain that Summer glow through clean eating rather than limited portions.

The entrepreneur has become an inspiration to Australian women having gained an army of 562K Instagram followers who are motivated by the fitness guru. With this success, the Ashy Bines Bikini Body challenge has seen an expansion to 70+ locations in 3 Countries.

2. Megan Davis
Megan Davis created history by becoming the first Australian Indigenous women to a United Nation’s body in 2010. Megan is a representative for the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

With this success, she advises the UN on issues related to economic and social development, culture, the environment, education, health and human rights that face our Indigenous brothers and sisters of Australia. As a young Indigenous Australian I know that Megan Davis is an encouragement to Indigenous youth, the appointment of Davis to the forum is a signal of cultural change.

3. Margot Robbie
Aussie actress Margot Robbie is renowned for her striking blue eyes and beauty, although, we all know she is not just a pretty face. The success of her career is apparent from starring in Australian reality TV show ‘Neighbours’ and exceling all the way to Hollywood, quickly landing lead roles in films such as ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ (2010).

But it is not only her talent that influences Australian women. Coming from a rural town myself, I am too well aware of the difficulty faced when embarking on a journey that requires leaving behind your beloved home town.

Margot is from Dalby in rural Queensland, moving on to an adventure that lead her to the Gold Coast, Melbourne and then all the way to Hollywood all to pursue her acting career. From my own experience, once you get out into the real world, you realise that there are so many people who have similar dreams and aspirations.

They left their hometowns just like you did, for the bigger picture, and it is so hard to stand out in that crowd. But Margot Robbie did and she is an inspiration to the thousands of other girls that are considering a similar journey, showing that anything is possible.

4. & 5. Stevie and Alana Pallister
Ask any Australian women if they have heard of ‘Tiger Mist’ boutique and I guarantee they will admit to have scrolled with envy over the listings on their website at least once. The clothing boutique was established by the bond Australian sisters who share the same talent. The inseparable duo Stevie and Alana Pallister opened the doors to their first boutique in 2007 and has since expanded their locations and label ‘The Rise of Dawn’ to over 150 boutiques internationally.

Tiger Mist has even been recognised by leading brands such as MYER, Nasty Gal, ASOS and Forever 21, collecting a whopping 490K Instagram followers. In 2011, Stevie was faced with a life changing battle with cancer while Alana took on the ropes of the company herself. Since Stevies recovery, the girls launched an in-house charity ‘Tiger Mist Warriors’, with a mission to support and assist young Australian women diagnosed with Cancer.

Having taken on this professional and personal journey side by side, nothing can stop these sisters from aiming higher and higher. Role models to Australian women seeking to prosper in the Fashion industry.

There are many women all over Australia working long and hard to close the gap of gender equality. Ladies, we owe it to them and ourselves for how far we have come and how the success of Australian women will continue to prosper.