Australian Wins Rubik’s Cube World Championship 2015

Almost every one of us would have tried solving Rubik’s Cube at least once in our lifetime and for most of us, it seems like an impossible task. But how about solving it in less than 6 seconds? Australian teenager has just done that in The Rubik’s Cube World Championship held in Sao Paulo.

Feliks Zemdegs successfully defend his title at the Rubik’s Cube World Championships, solving the puzzle in 5.695 seconds.

He said: “The competition was really, really awesome, well run, the venue was really nice, all the people were really nice.

“The win was also really nice as well. Because I won last time, I was less nervous this time because I had already won one so that helped a bit.”

Mr Zemdegs narrowly missed beating the world record of 5.25 seconds held by american Collin Burns.

There were 17 different Rubik’s cube competitions at the event and Prize money is allotted to the winners of each of the 17 events with 20 percent of the pool going to the winner of the 3x3x3 Cube event, the main event.

Below is a video uploaded earlier this year on YouTube where Feliks Zemdegs is answering some of the questions of his fans.

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