Australia, Get Ready To Freeze

It is time for Australians to face some real cold this winter. Australians especially Queenslanders, the people from sunshine state normally like to stay in their shorts no matter what but this weekend it is best to find out your warmest jumpers, overcoats and gloves because this thing is going to be huge.

Remember the Polar vortex that hit America couple of years back? We all have seen the pictures of frozen waterfalls, cars covered with snow and roads blocked by massive layers of snow. Embrace yourself, because this winter it’s going to be our turn.

Winters Australia

This Vortex is only couple of days away which means weekend is going to be really cold so plan your weekend accordingly.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Vince Rowlands said the “cold burst would bring showers and chilly conditions. We have a pretty significant frontal system heading our way.”

“A real cold burst heading our way over the next five to six days.” he said.

If forecasts hold true, the Antarctic Vortex looks set to deliver freezing temps and heavy snowfalls to a vast arc of eastern Australia from the hills outside Melbourne to the ranges west of Brisbane.

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