Window Cleaning Tips for South East Queensland Homeowners

It’s certainly true that Queenslanders are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful areas of the world. South East Queensland is no exception, with its beautiful beaches situated right next door to bustling and trendy cities like Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It’s no surprise that people are flocking to live in this part of Australia. From colonial Queenslanders to shabby chic beach-side shacks, this corner of the state is home to a wide variety of stunning homes.

Known as the “sunshine state”, Queensland weather is beautiful and temperate. Yet, homes still have to be maintained to withstand certain harsh elements of the climate. Sun, rain, salty-air and dust storms all have to be factored in to the maintenance and upkeep of a home. This is why window cleaning can be a really laborious job in South East Queensland. However, with a few inside Gold Coast window cleaning tips you can save yourself time and energy to enjoy your home that much more. Let’s take a look at a few suggestions.

Consistency is paramount.

As a window cleaner one of the major problems we see in the upkeep of windows is when homeowners have let them go for an extended time period. The buildup of dirt, grime and even mold has a compound affect, making it very difficult to clean the windows back to their original condition. Before they know it, they have to take half a week out of their schedule or pay a considerable amount to get a professional to clean them properly. However, if you keep on top of your window cleaning every 3 to 6 months it makes things a lot easier in the long run.

Protect your tracks and frames.

The salty air from the coastline can pose a real threat to your tracks and frames, especially if you own a home with tracks and frames made from materials that are less resistant to corrosion. An easy trick to keeping your tracks protected is to vacuum them out and wipe them clean with a rag. After a thorough clean you can also spray a small amount of WD40 onto a rag and wipe it onto the tracks to create a protective layer. Don’t go too crazy with the WD40 or you will find that it attracts dirt and residue which will build up in the track again.

Use professional equipment.

There is a reason why professional window cleaners use a squeegee, it’s so much easier and faster and the results speak for themselves. Queensland homes often have a lot of glass and if you were to just use a spray-on product you could be cleaning for days, not to mention you will have a very sore arm! Although it takes a little bit of time to master the technique of a squeegee it is worth it. There are many YouTube videos on using a squeegee that are practical and insightful.

Beware of “hard-water” stains.

Hard-water is the result of too much mineral content in local town water. While it can actually have some health benefits to your body, it certainly isn’t very healthy for your windows. Unfortunately for your glass, many areas in South East Queensland are fed hard-water. You will see the worst effects on your shower glass as it is constantly exposed to town water and combines with other products, once the water dries on the glass the mineral content will etch into the surface. So how do you avoid hard-water stains on your windows? The simplest answer is that you shouldn’t hose off your windows and leave the water to dry. Also, if you live close to the ocean make sure that you clean your windows regularly, as the salt air and moisture can produce a similar effect.

If it’s too overwhelming use a professional.

Time and energy are commodities that are at times hard to come by. If you are in this category, it is always best to choose to have them cleaned rather than leave them to the elements. While professional window cleaning isn’t always your cheapest option, it is definitely better than letting your windows deteriorate. Windows are a feature of your home and can also be considered an asset. Just as you look after and maintain your kitchen or bathroom, the same needs to be done with windows.


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Paul Routledge, Owner/Operator of Twenty20 Window Cleaning.

Paul and his wife Jess run a successful window cleaning business on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Paul loves to share his professional insights, thoughts and ideas on window cleaning and running a business. When he has some spare time he enjoys a coffee or scotch on his back patio, overlooking the Queensland hinterland.

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