Why Luxury Vehicle Purchases Are on the Rise

With the rise of luxury car sales across the globe (Tesla accounts for 15% of luxury car sales in the US alone), there are many new services that are also are on the rise. One of the most overlooked of these services is car detail and paint protection for luxury vehicles. This is because cleaning a luxury car is a lot more difficult than it would initially seem. In Australia, harsh weather conditions such as frequent droughts and heatwaves can cause the paint and finishing on luxury vehicles to fade or spot. Fortunately, those who purchase luxury vehicles have plenty of options when it comes to car paint protection for your luxury vehicle.

The Detailing Studio is the premier car paint protection and vehicle detailing studio in Brisbane, Queensland. Offering both standard paint protection and ceramic paint protection, the Detailing Studio has different packages available for different vehicle types. For older luxury vehicles, the Detailing Studio also offers paint correction for removing swirl marks, making sure that your luxury vehicle looks as pristine as possible for the next time you take it out.

This is a particularly important service to have, as Aussies pay a lot more for their luxury vehicles than other nations do. Due to the Australian government’s luxury car tax, it is estimated that Aussies pay up to 33% more for comparable imported luxury vehicles than other nations such as the US, Japan, Britain, and Europe. Although at first glance it would seem that the strong Australian dollar would lower prices, when it comes to luxury car imports, currency rates are fixed up to a full year in advance in order to establish clear market prices. This is so that luxury car manufactures can protect themselves against currency fluctuations, meaning that the price of luxury vehicles is fixed to the global market instead of Australia’s market.  As such, it is imperative to take care of your vehicle and make sure that it gets the right treatment so that you don’t have import a new one for many years to come.

Fortunately, there are many ways to make sure that your luxury vehicle stays in pristine condition. One of the products you should really consider using with your luxury vehicle is XPEL Ultimate Paint protection film. This film is virtually invisible, and protects your car’s paint from any road damage or any normal wear and tear. It will also make your luxury car look as though it just came off the lot, and will help to preserve that flat factory finish look that you desire. Fortunately, the Detailing Studio provides this as their signature product, and will make sure that your luxury car looks as good as new.

As one of the most established paint protection and vehicle detailing studios in Brisbane The Detailing Studio is able to accommodate a large variety of luxury vehicles. With all types of budgets in mind, the Detailing Studio will make sure that your luxury vehicle looks just as good as it makes you feel. 

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