Top 6 Powerlifting Coaches in Brisbane 2022

Powerlifting is a high-intensity exercise that focuses on building glutes, biceps, quadriceps, and abdominal muscles and provides strength training. 

If you are also passionate about powerlifting or want to get stronger, it is important to get in touch with the right powerlifting trainer in Brisbane. But have you thought about online coaching? Yes, you read correctly! 

Online coaching is a flexible and cost-effective substitute for old-style personal training. It can help you reach your fitness and health goals more quickly. However, while online coaching is rapidly growing, finding the right powerlifting trainer can be overwhelming and challenging to help you achieve your goals. 

Don’t worry, here we aim to help you find the top powerlifting coaches in Brisbane in 2022. The list is not limited by location, so you can choose the trainer that is the best fit for you. 

1.) Lifters League

Founded by Gus Cooke in 2016, The Lifters League is known for formulating strength-building training. They are also best in education, strength, health, and coaching. The powerlifting coach at Lifters League has extensive years of experience to be technically proficient and robust. They try to find unique solutions to unique problems for their athletes. Moreover, the coaches offer nutrition coaching and educate you on adequately fuelling your body and achieving your desired results.

Coach Gus Cooke is an accomplished weightlifter and bodybuilder who has competed in more than 30 competitions, from which he has won 4 championships at state and national levels. Not only that, he has created 60+ national, international and world champion athletes with hundreds of records broken. 

2.) Valhalla Strength

Valhalla Strength is a great training facility that accommodates all training levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. Here you get a team of world-class coaches who provide unparalleled support and service to the clients. This premiere gym even proudly hosts some of Australia’s big and best powerlifting competitions. 

If you are interested in competing, Valhalla Strength has online coaching facilities and a team ready to set you up for ultimate competition day success. Moreover, the Isaac coach has good experience and has worked with some of the best coaches in the industry. He has competed both nationally and domestically in powerlifting.

3.) Strength Sports Gym

Strength Sports is the gym for you if you’re looking for a gym in Brisbane that offers strength training, powerlifting, making progress, and having the support and encouragement to get you there.

No matter if you are strong, experienced, or competitive, at SSG there are no prerequisites with this gym. The coach Nick combines his passion for helping others to reach their true potential. He has over ten years of competitive lifting experience at the highest level. Besides, the coach prides himself on having the ability to turn new lifters into better lifters.

4.) Nemesis Performance

Are you living in Brisbane and passionate about weightlifting? Then Nemesis Performance coaching can be a unique solution. Brisbane-based and owned by Nat, they offer a full service, including personalized programming, performance nutrition, Powerlifting coaching, competition advice, powerlifting online coaching, and more. 

Nat, the certified trainer, is passionate and focused on her goal. She provides powerlifting and body recomposition services. Additionally, she specializes in strength and conditioning specialists. Further, she has completed Cert 3 and 4 in fitness and the ISSN-SNS certification in nutrition. She is also currently following the ZeroW Coach Development Program under the guidance and mentorship of Thomas Lilley.

Overall, she has a strong passion for helping others become stronger, improve their relationship with food, and achieve big numbers on the platform! 

5.) The Strength Coach

Want to take your competition preparation, training, and nutrition to the next level? Then, the Strength Coach is an option that offers a fully personalized online coaching program designed just for you. From lifestyle customers and beginners to intermediate and seasoned competitors and athletes, they have the workout option to get you results.

Jay Tyler is the owner and head trainer of The Strength Coach. He has a long coaching career and has experience running health clubs, youth development, and corporate health programs, officiating in powerlifting, delivering accredited courses, and mentoring up-and-coming strength coaches. 

So far, he has attained notable accomplishments, including National and National Powerlifting Referee, ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Club Manager for Anytime Fitness, Elite Level Powerlifting Coach, and more.

Final Verdict

The powerlifting trainers mentioned above are good choices for online coaching and training. It will help keep you moving, stay constant with your goals, and provide you with the accountability to achieve them.

Hence, a good strength trainer will change your workouts and diet over time to realign you with your goals. And that, my friends, is the main reason you need a fitness trainer in the first place to keep you on track. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get yourself an online coach!