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As the epicentre for Brisbane’s most spectacular tourist attractions, it is of little wonder why South Bank has some of the best restaurants Brisbane has to offer. With a variety of styles and themed menus to suit the taste of any diner, the diverse range of restaurants within South Bank will leave you licking your lips thanks to the care, quality and presentation these restaurants put into their food.

With the majority of South Bank restaurants being near some of Brisbane’s most popular attractions, as well as being a short distance from the Brisbane CBD, the dining experience of any person who takes the time to experience what each of these restaurants have to offer will be positively unforgettable.

Baba Ganjou

One of the best examples of traditional Lebanese cuisine, Baba Ganjou—pronounced BABA-GAH-NOOSH—offers its diners genuinely delicious food to go along with the restaurant’s equally excellent coffee. Though easily overlooked among some of South Bank’s more ‘flashy’ dining locations, Baba Ganjou sacrifices looks and size for taste and service in the ultimate culmination of quality food, generous servings and loving preparation.

With fair prices, friendly staff and positive reviews by nearly every customer who has dined there, the only feature this restaurant is lacking in is its easily overlooked exterior. Offering a fine selection of saj, grilled items, dips, breads, salad and mezat, Baba Ganjou is sure to excite the taste buds of any food lover, even if they are not a fan of Lebanese cuisine.

So make sure to come down to the corner of Grey street and Tribune street and try some beef shawarma and coffee with friends.


Ginga Japanese sushi bar

With a genuinely lively atmosphere, diners can find a Ginga Restaurant at the best dining precincts in Brisbane—Portside, The Valley, South Bank and Carindale Shopping Centre. Though based in five different locations around Brisbane, this does not take away from the quality of food each restaurant provides.

With expert chefs crafting traditional Japanese cuisine with the twist of a modern and western interpretation, diners can eat something familiar, yet entirely new and enticing all at the same time. With a chic ambience and a contemporary vibe near many of Brisbane’s most popular locations, modern Japanese cuisine has never been more tempting.

Open seven days a week from 11am–10:30pm at 167 Grey St, Ginga Japanese Sushi Bar is the perfect dining location for sushi lovers.


Mado Turkish restaurant

Within walking distance of the city centre, the Mado Turkish restaurant is the perfect restaurant for those who want to sink their teeth into traditional Turkish dishes that have been handed down for generations. With a wide range of Turkish cuisine to choose from, Mado is easily one of the best restaurants in South Bank, offering unique, healthy and tasty food to all those who make the trip.

Patrons can enjoy a wide range of Australian and international wines while tasting the authentic flavours of a sophisticated Turkish and Ottoman technique. The restaurant also has a varied selection of Turkish desserts to bring the whole experience together, accompanied by regular belly dancing shows for an entertaining night of food, wine and dancing.

Open from 11:30am–10:30pm every day of the week at 1/15 Tribune street, this culinary experience should not be missed for the world.



Grill’d is part of a chain of restaurants serving gourmet burgers which go against fattening traditional burgers with a healthy, yet flavour-filled menu. The burgers are flame-grilled and add little to the waist line of diners while still keeping that all-important flavour and appeal that only burgers can provide.

Taking an elegant and healthy spin on the classic burger, Grill’d offers an array of original and purely stunning meals that still hold the core qualities of traditional flame-grilled burgers. Grill’d has a charmingly rustic atmosphere with quaint decor for a complementary effect that all diners are sure to love.

Grill’d is open from 10:30am–10pm most days, with the restaurant staying open until midnight during weekends. The restaurant can be found at 167 Grey street and is a must see for burger lovers.


The Shore

Within the heart of Brisbane’s iconic South Bank Parklands lies The Shore restaurant and bar offering diners a grand open-air dining experience surrounded by the verdant gardens and water features of the Parklands. The restaurant and bar offer a stunning view with locally produced pork products, cheese from Mt Tamborine, locally baked bread, free-range eggs and locally made gelato.

As one of the best restaurants to bring families to, The Shore is known for hosting large functions, weddings and other events requiring large amounts of quality dishes. With a serene environment, the beautiful South Bank Parkland and a spectacular view of Brisbane City, The Shore offers a dining experience that is the closest to Brisbane’s natural wildlife while still retaining urban qualities.

The Shore opens at 11:30am every day of the week with various closing times.


San Kai

If you are seeking fresh Japanese cuisine, then San Kai is the perfect restaurant for you. With a generous menu of traditional dishes served in a modern dining room with pavement seating, San Kai has something for everyone. Even if you are not a fan of seafood and sushi, San Kai is sure to win you over with their simmered pork belly and other delectable meals.

Each meal is carefully crafted into a stunning work of art that will have most Snapchat users ‘snapping’ away at the many marvellous meals this restaurant has to offer. San Kai’s decor blends both traditional and contemporary Japanese elements together to create a unique atmosphere for its guests, finding a common ground that is comfortable for both the young and old.

Open seven days a week with varying opening and closing hours, the restaurant and its marvels of Japanese cuisine can be found at 164 Grey street.


French Martini

Offering classic French style cuisine, the French Martini is a great dining location for those who wish to dine with company while sneaking in a cheeky glass of wine. With an array of varying meals that are sure to pique the interest of any diner, the French Martini restaurant is near some of South Bank’s most popular tourist destinations. With friendly staff and a lavish setting for diners to truly lose themselves in their culinary experience, the restaurant stays true to its origins of sophisticated style and revolutionary food.

Located at Little Stanley street, the French Martini is the perfect restaurant for those who want to experience an authentic French dining experience here in Brisbane.


The Jetty

If you want to see Brisbane City in all its glory while being able to eat great food outside, then The Jetty will have you covered. The Jetty offers diners a stylish and contemporary dining area, with the defining feature of a majestic view of the Brisbane City to invigorate this open-air dining experience.

The restaurant melds well with the surrounding flora, offering diners a verdant space with the stark image of Brisbane City across the Brisbane River as a great setting for proposals, family dinners or other special occasions. The view is especially gorgeous during the evening and The Jetty is one of the best dining locations if you want to attend the many events South Bank has to offer while getting a bite to eat.

Open 11:30am–12am, this riverside marvel located at 4 Sidon street will have you coming back for the food and the view.



For an unforgettable dining experience, visit the multi-award winning Bacchus restaurant for some astounding Australian creations. With a beautiful design created by LA designer, Tracy Beckmann, this upstanding restaurant offers a range of intoxicatingly delicious meals and the finest wine imaginable.

With the elegant union of gold and black, Bacchus whisks its diners away in a night of fine food, great company and a wide selection of some of the best food and wine Australia has to offer. As well as offering a first class dining experience, Bacchus is also the Queensland home of Dom Perignon—offered by the glass with Bacchus’s High Tea and Degustation Dining.

Open from 5pm–10pm, Bacchus can be found between Rydges grey and Glenelg street.


Stone restaurant and bar

If you are looking for a restaurant with fair prices and friendly staff, then the Stone restaurant and bar is the place for you. With its stylish contemporary decor and spacious seating areas, topped off by its astounding international cuisine, this restaurant stands out in the epicentre of Brisbane’s must see dining destinations.

In an easily accessible location within walking distance of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre and other great Brisbane attractions, the Stone restaurant and bar offers its diners great food at an affordable price at the perfect location for those wanting to try out a truly delectable menu.

The Stone restaurant and bar is open all week at the ground level of Mantra South Bank.



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