The Queen’s Wharf Brisbane development, set to open from August 2024


The Queen’s Wharf Brisbane development, set to open from August 2024, is a significant project expected to redefine the city’s landscape and significantly boost its tourism sector. This multi-billion-dollar development aims to transform Brisbane into a world-class tourism, leisure, and entertainment destination​.

The project covers over 12 hectares of land in Brisbane’s CBD and includes a variety of attractions. Among these are The Star Brisbane, which will offer a vibrant urban playground with entertainment options, world-class hotels, delicious dining venues, and spectacular sky-high views. The development also promises a state-of-the-art Event Centre, blending beautifully repurposed heritage buildings with stunning contemporary architecture​.

2023 saw considerable progress, with the Sky Deck structure’s completion and the topping out of Tower 1, set to house the Dorsett and Rosewood hotels. The development’s design, aimed at capturing attention and showcasing the best of Brisbane, is becoming a reality. It has already begun to change how residents and outsiders view the city, raising anticipation for its complete unveiling in 2024​​.

Beyond the luxury accommodations and entertainment venues, Queen’s Wharf will offer 7.5 hectares of public space, turning green with the planting of 2,000 trees and more than 60,000 plants. The pedestrian Neville Bonner Bridge will connect South Bank to the CBD, enhancing accessibility and enjoyment for visitors and locals alike​​.

With over 50 new bars and restaurants, luxury retail spaces, up to 2,000 residential apartments, and extensive public spaces including restored heritage buildings, Queen’s Wharf is expected to attract 1.4 million visitors annually. This influx of visitors will undoubtedly play a crucial role in boosting Brisbane’s tourism industry, creating a lasting legacy for the city​​.

The Queen’s Wharf Brisbane project is a joint venture led by The Star Entertainment Group, in collaboration with its Hong Kong-based partners, Chow Tai Fook Enterprises and Far East Consortium, showcasing a strong international investment in Brisbane’s future as a tourism and entertainment hub​​.

Overall, the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane development is poised to make a significant impact on Brisbane’s tourism industry, offering a unique blend of luxury, entertainment, and cultural experiences that will draw visitors from around Australia and the world.