Meet Abu Azrael aka “Iraqi Rambo” Fighting Against ISIS

Abu Azrael also known as the “Angel of Death”, is a commander of the Kataib al-Imam Ali, an Iraqi Shi’a militia group of the Popular Mobilization Forces that is fighting ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) in Iraq. 

He has become a public icon of resisting ISIL in Iraq with a large following on social media.

Abu Azrael has become a public icon of resistance against the Islamic State, although he has also fought against other militant groups. A Facebook page dedicated to him has over 300,000 likes as of March 2015.

He has attracted attention in the middle east, but by the Spring of 2015, he had also made front-page appearances on international news websites in England, France and the United States.

He has become a popular public figure, some believe, because his methods and appearance match the brutality associated with the Islamic State (ISIS).

In the Iraqi army and on social networks, he’s an icon. Abu Azrael, a Rambo-like Shiite militiaman, has helped push back the Islamic State (IS) group in Iraq