Lord Mayor’s 7 Principles to Guide Brisbane City

brisbane development plan

1. Create a city of neighbourhoods

Action: Bring more markets to the suburbs by expanding the Brisbane Food trucks program. We guess that’s a good news for those who live bit far from city.

2. Create more see and do

There is a fair bit of thing to see in Brisbane and things to do in Brisbane but of course there is always scope to have more. Action: Bring our river to life with more access and infrastructure for recreation, tourism and events.

3. Protect and create greenspace

Action: Make it easier for new developments to include rooftop gardens and green open space.

4. Protect the Brisbane backyard and our unique character

Action: Stop townhouses and apartments being built in areas for single homes.

5. Empower and engage residents

Action: create an alert system that makes it easier for residents to stay up to date with developments.

6. Get people home quicker and safer with more travel options

Increase car parking requirements for development in suburb areas.

7. Give people more choice when it comes to housing

Action: Create and implement a housing strategy to ensure supply for people at every stage of life.

Watch this video for a summary of the 2018-19 budget and know more council plan and budget.

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