Live Music Brisbane – Best Live Music Venues 2021

Seeing your favourite artist or band live is such an exhilarating experience. Live music has so much to offer. It helps boost mood, gives a feeling of togetherness and helps escape everyday life. If you are into live music and looking for best live music venues in Brisbane, then we’ve got you covered here.

The Brisbane area is filled with bars and restaurants with live bands. It doesn’t matter what your preference is, one is bound to suit your taste. As you may know, Brisbane is home to so many things. One just does not run out of things to look forward to.

If you don’t know where to begin your search, here is a list of some of the famous and best live music venues in Brisbane. There are a lot but this list has been tailored to only include the best options, according to our expert music and band enthusiasts!

Live Music Bars in Brisbane

Live Music Bars in BrisbaneIf you are just looking for a drink while jamming to some tunes, this is the list for you. Bars are a great way to unwind and to have time for yourself especially when there is a live band performing in front of you.

Jolly Roger Fortitude Valley

Take a blast to the past with the atmosphere of Jolly Roger Fortitude Valley. It is dimly lit and follows a pirate punk bar aesthetic along with vintage cartoons printed all over. This is not the place for mellow-heads since it runs on head-banging rock music. In terms of drinking choices, they specialize in craft beers and rums, but also have a wide array of other choices such as spirits, wines, and cocktails.

The place is located at 187 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006. While they may not have a website, they do have a Facebook page which they frequently update for their events, schedules, and new offerings.

Brooklyn Standard

Want to get those hips moving? Then the Brooklyn Standard is the place for you. It is an experience of dancing and socializing in its New York-themed basement bar. There is always something new in the place as they have cocktail specials for every day and with their wide array of song choices. Don’t worry if you are coming in with an empty stomach, they have a menu filled with American-inspired food.

Located at Eagle Ln, Brisbane City QLD 4000, you can reach them on their landline at (07) 3221 1604 or visit their website at Always check the page for their menu, new offerings, and events.

The Bearded Lady

Take a trip down memory lane as this vintage-inspired bar make you reminisce over wooden countertops, bottled craft beer, and vintage furniture. It is catered to provide a more sociable atmosphere with people talking while jamming to a live band. The song choice here is plenty, but expect it to be livelier instead of head-banging hardcore metal. The drinks on the other hand is a unique offering with cocktail specialties that you are not likely going to taste elsewhere along with their very own craft beers. Pair that with some bite-sized meals that they also offer and you have the perfect chill place.

Visit the place at 138 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101, but make sure to check their website first at

The Milk Factory Kitchen & Bar

A seafarer-designed bar with a twist of mythical dark repute, that is what The Milk Factory Kitchen & Bar is. It evokes an atmosphere of voyages on the high seas with all its vintage maritime relics and wall murals of different worldly origins. It is a sight to be seen especially for the artistic creatives but that is not the only highlight. There is both an indoor and outdoor setting to sit on while chowing down on travel-inspired meals that you are not bound to taste elsewhere, paired with their wide array of unique cocktails.

Located at 48 Montague Rd, South Brisbane QLD 4101, this place is hard to miss. While they may not have a website, you can reach them by calling +61 7 3217 2061.

The Outpost Bar

If you are a diehard musician then The Outpost Bar is going to be your playground. Located within the four walls of The Fortitude Music Hall, there is a diverse array of artists paired with a menu of cocktails meticulously crafted by Proof & Company. It is a concoction of vintage and modern style which you are bound to enjoy and never get tired of.

Take a look by visiting them at 8 Warner St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, but before you do, check their website first at to see their menu.

Live Music Restaurants in Brisbane

live music restaurantsYou might want to do more and stay a little bit longer while listening to a live band. If so, you are looking for a restaurant and there is a wide array of choices in Brisbane.

The Plough Inn

This is Brisbane’s most iconic pub, mainly because it was established in 1864. It has operated under the same name and building ever since, just receiving a little renovation her and there. They maintained their historical heritage look but added in some modern design elements. Along with it, expect a beer garden while chowing down on their specialty: steaks and ribs. There is a wide assortment of bands that perform live, but all of them cater to the light and smooth tune. No headbanging, just the right music while calmly eating your meal.

If that got you hungry, you can visit them at 29 Stanley St Plaza, South Brisbane QLD 4101. You can also check their website at to see their menu or book a reservation.

The Triffid

A live band performing in an old repurposed commercial hangar with a beer garden, it doesn’t get any better than that. There is always something for everyone, whether you want to jam passionately with the band or just want to sit and have your meal while listening to the music.

The establishment is dedicated to provide the best live experience, so be prepared for a real show from a wide array of artists. Get those feet warmed up because you are surely going to be jumping up and down when you are done with your meal.

Can’t wait to make a visit? Go find them at 7/9 Stratton St, Newstead QLD 4006. Better yet, check their website at

The Charming Squire

As soon as you walk inside this place, you are immediately greeted with a historical atmosphere. Capitalizing mainly on sausage and beer, they also offer a wide array of meal choices for all sorts of palate. Though, it is not just the food that will captivate you but the James Squire craft beers and ciders on tap as well. With the vibe of the place, expect a mellow band playing while you are enjoying your meal.

The Charming Squire is located at 3/133 Grey St, South Brisbane QLD 4101. Want to know more about them? Check them out at

Pig ‘N’ Whistle Brunswick Street

Brick wall design, high ceilings, and two outdoor beer gardens makes this restaurant a top choice when looking for an intimate and charming venue. Whether you are looking to have some serene time with yourself or a romantic dinner with your partner, this a go-to place. While the venue already has it all, the live performance of a band will surely make it the best experience. Sit and dine with their extensive menu that has a wide assortment of craft beer, British ales, and imported beers along with food fit for a king.

Catch them at Brunswick Street &, Robertson St, Fortitude Valley QLD or check them out at

The Sound Garden

A concoction of modern architecture and lush indoor greenery, The Sound Garden delivers a soothing and calming atmosphere.  When it is paired with a live band, which they always have, it is the best venue to eat and drink. There is a wide assortment of dishes, from simple bit-sized meals to a full-on course. Then, flush everything down with a tequila, margarita, or martini of your choice, but leave some space because you might want to vibe to some tunes while sipping a cocktail.

The Sound Garden is located at 318 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006. Better yet, visit their website at

There is more to a restaurant or bar than just eating and drinking. A good one must offer more than what’s on the menu. Apparently, good food and good music are quite a winning combination. Sit down and take your time while you chill to a live band to make every meal worth the experience. There are so many choices out in the Brisbane area. Discover new places and see a world of live music in Brisbane which you have never seen before.