10 Best Wineries Near Brisbane

Wineries not just offer great wines but also offer an awesome experience. most of them are located in beautiful valleys so they are a great day out as well.

On top of that, wines are full of antioxidants, it is good for the heart, aromatic, and tastes good. With every gulp, you can feel the flow of sensations down your throat. You experience satisfaction beyond taste.

Once you get into it, there is no turning back. While the drink itself is already a great experience, the place where it is made is a whole new different story. It tackles not just the taste buds but provides a calming and relaxing experience overall, best for those who are looking to unwind. There is a wide assortment of the best wineries near Brisbane, so if you are from around the area, you can indulge yourself on the experience as much as you want.

Wineries Near Brisbane Australia

While there may be a wide assortment of Brisbane vineyard and Brisbane winery tours, you are not going to stumble upon them just by walking around the neighbourhood. You are going to have to search for them, but to make it easier for you, here is a complete list of the best around the area.

1.     Sirromet Wines

Whether you are a wine enthusiast or just an occasional drinker, the Sirromet Wines has something for you. Its wide estate is filled with not just fields of lush green but overlooks Moreton Bay and Stradbroke. Indulge yourself on a nonstop sightseeing fest as you breathe in the fresh air and the aromatic smell of both fresh fruit and wine. If you are looking for a more proactive experience, you can get yourself a full winery tour from the place that is nothing short of massive and breathtaking. Get more from the weekends with their live entertainment sessions. When your stomach starts to crumble, just nearby are Restaurant Lurleen’s and Tuscan Terrace where you can feast on a wide assortment of dishes.

Located at 850-938 Mount Cotton Rd, Mount Cotton QLD 4165, whether you are from Brisbane or the Gold Coast, Sirromet Wines is just a 45-minute drive. Secure a reservation by visiting their website at sirromet.com

2.     Witches Falls Winery

A mixture of both modern and vintage equipment is the sight to behold in the Witches Falls Winery. While they may produce wine at a commercial level, the facility is well-maintained, let alone the quality of their fresh grapes from their vast plains. It is a completely serene and relaxing experience to be at the winery, and things only get better when you embark on a full winery tour. See how grapes are grown meticulously while having a taste. The best part is that you get to experience something unlike anywhere else from their six locally-grown wines. While it may sound grandiose, it won’t break your pocket at a package price of $6. Looking to spend on something else? The Witches Chase Cheeses is just nearby as well as the Elevation Café.

Located at 79 Main Western Rd, Tamborine Mountain QLD 4272, it is a 2-hour drive from Brisbane. If you want to learn more, visit their website at witchesfalls.com.au.

3.     Ocean View Estates

This place has it all, literally everything. Beginning with the full winery tour of their intricate yet systematic process along with their vast plains of fresh greenery, you can then have a sumptuous meal at their restaurant with food prepared by Tony Tierney. Looking for something else? Then maybe pick up their picnic basket and set up wherever you please, and there is a wide array of choices with breathtaking views. Choose from either the vineyards or along the lakeside where the sun will meet you. They even have cottages if that is what you are into. For one last twist for this completely perfect winery, they produce their very own craft beer as well.

Located at 2557 Mt. Mee Road, Ocean View QLD 4521, Ocean View Estates Winery is just 1 hour and 45 minutes from Brisbane. Learn more about them by visiting their website at oceanviewestates.com.au.

4.     The Overflow Estate 1895

Modern yet seems to be something out of an oil painting, that is how picturesque The Overflow Estate 1895 is. It is a vast plain field surrounded by vines, 2500 of them to be exact, and enclosed by a lake. If you are looking to unwind and relax, this experience is surely going to soothe you to the bone. When you are ready to get moving, taste their wide assortment of wines while going on a full winery tour. As you take the first step, you can immediately feel that the entire experience has been refined to engage you in a personal and emotional level. Who wouldn’t when you are being presented with a variety of wines and vines that hail from as far as Italy and Spain. Complete the best wine drinking experience with some local cheese and antipasto board. Need something else to eat? They have their own restaurant.

Located at 1660 Beaudesert Boonah Rd, Wyaralong QLD 4285, it is one hour and 20-min drive. Check them out at theoverflowestate1895.com.au.

5.     Albert River Wines

Be ready to travel back in time as you step into Albert River Wines. Built on a heritage venue, it captures a historical and colonial past. It is filled with so much vintage that you will be in awe and start questioning what year it is. The winery experience is a whole new different story, from vast fields of endless vines to conventional winemaking as you sip through what they have to offer, it is a completely emotionally-engaging activity. Whether you are coming in alone, with a partner, or as a group, there is always something for you. If you are looking for something more, look no farther, Albert River Wines features their very own restaurant that boasts a two or three-course special menu.

Located at 869 Mundoolun Connection Rd, Tamborine QLD 4270, it is just a little bit over an hour drive away. Check their availability and everything they have to offer at their website at albertriverwines.com.au.

6.     Winya Wines

A more simplistic and friendly approach, there aren’t too many bells and whistles in Winya Wines. Situated in the middle of a field of a vine, it is what you would expect from a winery. While there may not be lavish cottages or an industrialized facility, they don’t skimp on the full winery tour. Take your time and breathe in the fresh aromatic air whilst experiencing a simple yet tasty wine tasting. If you get hungry from all of the activity, indulge on a juicy Black Angus rib fillet by Winya Wines. It is the perfect getaway whether you are alone or with the gang.

Located at 145 Sandy Creek Rd, Sandy Creek QLD 4515, it is a 1 hour and 25-minute drive to Brisbane. Want to learn more? Check their website at winyawines.com.au.

7.     O’Reilley’s Canungra Valley Vineyards

Engage in the open field and enjoy the view of this vineyard while chowing down on your picnic basket. They provide everything you need, from the blanket to the wine of your choice. When you are ready for something more, enjoy a full wine tour in the expansive property which stretches along the Canungra Creek. You also have the option to dine in their vintage restaurant if you are running on an empty stomach. The vineyard is nothing short of breathtaking, from the view to the things you can do. Definitely an experience worth taking for the romantic.

Located at 852 Lamington National Park Rd, Canungra QLD 4275, it is just a 45-minute drive from Brisbane. Check their website at oreillys.com.au.

8.     Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard and Winery

Breathtaking, that is what you should expect from this expansive and picturesque vineyard. As a matter of fact, it has been the venue of a multitude of weddings and it is no wonder why. The sandstone chapel, glow-worm cave, rainforest walks, and cellar door, you are bound to find something to do that is going to be accompanied with an amazing experience. There is even a comprehensive Mount Tamborine winery hop itinerary to quench your interest for everything wine-related. Take a trip to the onsite restaurant for a meal fit for a king.

Located at 104-144 Hartley Road, North Tamborine, it is a 50-minute drive from Brisbane. Check them out at cedarcreekestate.com.au.

9.     Flame Hill Vineyard

When a vineyard is sitting on top of a hill, there is one thing you are sure to expect: an amazing view. It is complete with their very own restaurant, cellar door tasting, and luscious vines that spread all over vast plains. It is everything you could expect from a winery, if not more. However, that is not all, unlike any other wineries, in Flame Hill Vineyard, you can take part in a stomp event. It is where guests can stomp on a barrel of grapes which is something that is done in celebration of a successful harvest. Great food, amazing wine, and entertainment in one place. You might also want to take a few side trips to nearby stores such as Waffle-On Stroopwafels.

Located at 249 Western Avenue, Montville, Sunshine Coast, it is a 2-hour drive. Learn more at flamehill.com.au.

10.  Bunjurgen Estate Vineyard

You are going to want to work out your thighs and calves for this vineyard. With a total land area of 24 hectares, the Bunjurgen Estate Vineyard is not a one-day ordeal. There is so much to do! From the variety of rose wines that you must taste to having a picnic on the vast plains, you are not going to want to skip any. During the breezy days, the tastings are even hosted outdoors under the jacaranda trees to breathe in the fresh and aromatic air. Even then, none of those compare to the complete experience of the wine tour. There aren’t many stores nearby, but by driving less than 2 kilometres, you can reach the Kooroomba Vineyards for a vineyard hopping experience.

Located at 121 Brent Road, Bunjurgen, it is a 1 hour and 30-minute drive from Brisbane. Make sure you get the most out of your trip by checking first their website at bunjurgenestate.com.au.

Best wineries in Brisbane are plenty and you don’t have to make a long drive just to jump from one to another. If you are up to it, you can even vineyard hop. You don’t have to go in blind in this journey as you now have enough information to plan your next trips. Wineries in Brisbane Australia should be your next vacation plan and you now know why.