Best Horse Riding Tours Near Brisbane

Horse Riding Tours BrisbaneFor those who love horse riding or wish to learn riding a horse, we have prepared this free guide of best horse riding schools in Brisbane.

Whether you just want to be closer to animals or want to traverse different terrains, horse riding should be on top of your list. However, it is not as simple on climbing on a horse, but instead requires education and skill. If you want to learn how, then you are going to need the services of horse riding tours Brisbane. You are in luck because if you are in the area, there is quite a vast array of options to choose from.

Best Horse Riding Tours Brisbane

It doesn’t matter if you are a kid, beginner, or someone who simply needs to refine one’s skills, there is a horse riding school for you. Remember to choose one that best fits your preference for a comfortable experience that will keep you coming back for more.

1.     Slickers Horse Riding

Whether you are on a budget or just want to get on a horse and learn the basics, this horse riding school will get the job done. They don’t have anything fancy. No bells and whistles with flashy horses. Just your typical ranch with lots of plain fields for you to ride through. While this may not be the most formal and bookish lesson you are going to receive, it is the most practical. Learn how to control and maneuver a horse with personal training as you go about it. If you are starting to get comfortable with your skills, you can always challenge yourself with an assisted trail ride by yours truly.

If you want to learn more, you can reach them on their website at It is a simple website, but it will answer all your questions. You can also reach them at +61 7 3285 1444 and located at 116 Dunlop Ln, Kurwongbah QLD 4503.

2.     Wattle Creek Equestrian Centre

For the more serious riders, the Wattle Creek Equestrian Centre provides a range of horse riding lessons. From kids all the way to adults, there is a special training fit for the needs of every individual. If the sport interests you even more, you can extend your training further towards horse management, dressage, and jump. Learn how to master the art of horse riding with guided training that comes with course certification.

Learn more about them at or contact them at (07) 3300 6422. They are located at 28 Kays Rd, The Gap QLD 4061.

3.     Royals Equestrian Centre

The control closed practice space at the Royals Equestrian Centre allows for confident training sessions, whether you are a beginner or simply honing your skills. Receive personal training and get advice, from getting on the horse all the way to riding properly and gracefully. You can even engage with the animals such as petting and feeding them, allowing you to appreciate the entire experience even more.

Learn more about the course through their website at You can also reach them by phone at +61 408 183 079 or on their location at 10 O’Connell Tce, Bowen Hills QLD 4006.

4.     Heritage Riding School

It doesn’t matter if you are looking into becoming a professional horse rider or just wanting to test the waters, this school has something for you. With their formal training course, you will be able to have a complete grasp of what you will be getting into even before you get on a horse. Be able to see the end goal of your training, from lead and control all the way to independent riding. The lessons are generally 30 to 60 minutes long and you will be given an assessment on your performance right after, allowing you to build up and hone your skills. Before you know it, you are a professional riding on various vast plains.

For inquiries, reach them at their website at or on their phone number at +61 7 3206 3951. You can find them at 59 Boundary Rd, Thornlands QLD 4164.

5.     Nel’s Horse Riding School

From an enclosed and controlled practice space to an open field, be able to choose the level of difficulty you prefer. Start out as beginner getting trained to mount and dismount, and when you are ready, traverse the open fields on your own as you improve your skills and get more connected with the horse riding experience. With trainers who have years of experience and expertise, you don’t have to worry about anything. Receive step-by-step guide on everything, from mounting all the way to riding and turning.

They don’t have a website other than at where you can find their updated contact numbers and send an email for inquiries. If you want to know more about their track record, follow them on their Facebook page. They are located at 185 Alfred Rd, Stockleigh QLD 4280.

6.     Dalson Park Indoor Equestrian Centre

There is a sense of security and assurance when you are in an indoor and controlled training space. Most are going to want that and so will you, that’s what makes Dalson Park the ideal beginner’s horse riding training field. Choose from their array of professional trainers that will give you step-by-step guides on everything you need to know. You can also hone your skills with their flexible options on personal riding in open areas.

Check all their offers at or reach them at 0448 034 514. Visit them at their location at 63 Nujooloo Rd, Slacks Creek QLD 4127.

7.     Forest Lake Riding School

Complete with all the necessary horse riding facilities, be able to start with no knowledge and progress to being able to independently ride without any worries. With their flexible lesson options from qualified instructors, you will learn everything without worry. It is safe, secure, and assured. When you start, you are surely going to be coming back for more, not just for the horse riding but for the overall enjoyable experience that comes with it.

Check them out at their website,, or contact them at +61 419 246 002. Located at 19 Greentree Cres, Forest Lake QLD 4078, they are hard to miss.

8.     Dove Haven Equestrian Park

Start your journey with mounting and dismounting on well-tamed horses inside a close and secure training field. Then, hone your skills as you independently ride out in the open fields of the Dove Haven Equestrian Park. Complete with all the horse riding equipment you are going to need, be able to learn without having to fear about your safety. It is one complete enjoyable experience where you are going to learn as well as have more appreciation for the skill.

Reach them at their website at or by mobile at +61 402 992 115. Located at 1532 Waterford Tamborine Rd, Logan Village QLD 4207, you can make a visit.

9.     Paloma Equestrian Centre

Whether you want a close training field or an open plain, you can make your pick at Paloma Equestrian Centre especially that it is a property of over 40 acres. There is definitely enough land to run around. Before you get a little bit too excited, you first need to learn how to, but that is not going to be a problem with their experienced trainers and complete horse riding facility. Expect only the best from an Equestrian Centre that has been in the industry for years.

See more at their website at or contact them at +61 487 726 080. You can find them at 75-81 Spratt Rd, Caboolture QLD 4501.

10.  Anstead Acres

Vast plains riddled with both grass and dirt, this riding school has the best fields to run around with a horse. Their courses also don’t fail either. They have been in the industry long enough to provide quality certified training, ranging from kids all the way up to adults. It doesn’t matter if you intend to compete in the professional level or just want to learn for personal leisure, they have it all for you. Don’t be afraid, they are complete with safety equipment and necessary horse riding facilities.

See more at or contact them at +61 412 420 002. Located at 312 Hawkesbury Rd, Anstead QLD 4070, this is a riding school you are not going to miss.

Horse riding is not just a sport, but an art. It is an experience unparalleled by any form of activity. Now, you can have the opportunity to experience just that with the help of the best horse riding tours Brisbane. You don’t have to look far, there are a number of choices within the area that are bound to fit your preference.