Best Aquarium Stores in Brisbane

Best Aquarium Stores in BrisbaneAquariums are great for your interiors, they help relieve stress, promotes a positive ambience and have many benefits. If you’re planning to get one, we’ve prepared this guide for best aquarium stores in Brisbane.

According to research, aquariums help improve physical and mental being, reduce anxiety and even help one’s blood circulation and improve one’s sleeping habits. Indeed, owning an aquarium is a good choice.

The presence of an aquarium at home catches visitor’s attention and relieves the tension. The same is true when aquariums are placed in offices, as it promotes a positive ambience. Even so, aquariums are often seen in pediatric clinics and institutions, as it is a natural charmer for kids. And so, setting up an aquarium could be your next step. This article will enumerate the best aquarium stores that can be found in Brisbane – these where and the how-to contact them, and a simple guide on what these aquarium stores offer.

As we get closer to summer, more and more people feel like bringing the aquatics at home rather than going to the seas by themselves. With this pandemic giving us a different view of the outside world, more and more people in Brisbane opt to set-up an aquarium at home. But, Which aquarium store offers the best services? Which is more cost-efficient and customer friendly? Find out which one is the best choice among the options below.

Aquaholics Aquarium Supply

This Australian owned and family operated company specializes in Aquarium Water Conditioners, Aquarium Canister Filters, Spare Parts, Fish Food, Live Fish or anything relating to your fish tank or fish keeping hobbies. As the “fish hobby” is deemed expensive at times, Aquaholics cater needs depending on one’s budget and style. With the pandemic, they offer online transactions for pick-up and open for deliveries across Australia. More specifically, they specialize in their live fish and ornament markets. Their physical store is located at B1 354 Mons Rd, Forest Glen, QLD 4556. They can be contacted thru their phone number 0452232782 or email them at One can contact them and scroll thru the services that they offer at


The Aquarium Shop Australia

This locally operated aquarium shop operating since 2004 takes pride in their specialized products in biOrb ornaments and designer-made accessories. You are assured of a unique design suitable for your aquarium needs. The products that they sell online are all sourced from local suppliers, all assured with warranty seal. This shop, being proudly 100% Australian owned has been supplying the premium products from filters, lights, pumps, heaters, fish food and other cleaning materials. The store, being purely online, does not have a physical shop but pick-up methods can be arranged. For inquiries, one may call them through their phone number +61(7)5551-0235 or email them at, or even visit their website at


The TechDen

This quality aquarium products store specializes in creating a perfectly beautiful aquarium for your fish. They offer a variety of products and services ranging from water treatments, aquarium supplies and equipments, fish foods, and of live fish and plants.  For further information about their products and services, you may visit their physical shop or browse about them online. Being Australia’s largest Retail aquarium shop, they provide both online and physical platforms in their sales. Their physical store is located at 2/28 Piper St., Brisbane Caboolture, QLD 4510 or you may follow them on Instagram at @techdenaquariums, email them at or you may ring them at 075432-3260. You may visit them any day of the week as they are open from Mondays-Sundays.



This leading aquarium store in Brisbane is proud to showcase their over 300 tanks of fish for the customers to choose from. They have but the best and the widest range of aquatic animals, fish and corals that could not be seen anywhere else in Australia. You can just stop by and see for yourself through their physical store located at 482 Stafford Rd, Stafford, Brisbane 4053. You may call them in advance at 073856-6600 or email them at enquiries@aquarama, Prior to going to their physical store, I suggest you scroll through their variety of tropical and marine species available in their website at


Aquariums R Us

This ready to go fish shop is always on the go as they offer customers with a variety of fish tanks and aquarium furniture. As people like things more personalized, this shop specializes in personalized aquariums, designed and made according to your liking. This online shop delivers across Australia from Brisbane down to Toowoomba regions. This experienced shop was established in 1996, has been standing a long time, with their specialization on building and maintenance. For further information about their locations and contact information, visit,au

Indeed, fish keeping is but a refreshing, relaxing, but also a challenging hobby. As much as the advantages that aquariums give to the room, maintenance and safekeeping it may eat up your time. But, with the right aquarium store and services, rest assured that you will continue to remain stress-free and mentally relieved, with just a glance at your aquarium at home.