Laser Cutting Machine: What Is It and What Is It Used For?

Laser cutting is a technique that makes use of a laser in a non-contact process to cut materials producing accurate, high-quality dimensional cuts. It operates by directing a laser beam via a nozzle pipe to the material worked. A composite of pressure and heat causes the cutting action. The workpiece burns, melts, vaporises, or get blown away with a gas jet and leaves a smooth and great quality finish.

Laser cutting is majorly used in applications in the manufacturing industry but is recently in use by small businesses, hobbyists, and even schools. Laser cutting machines help to cut materials into custom designs and shapes. These machines are quite suitable for cutting a wide range of materials such as wood, plastic, paper, glass, metals, and gemstones, among others.

There are various types of laser cutting. They include;

  • Oxidation cutting
  • Scribing
  • Fusion cutting

Each of the above laser cutting processes can produce precise, accurate, and high-quality surface finish. They also do not cause any contamination or physical damage to the materials. Laser cutting has plenty of advantages compared to other cutting processes. However, it is limited since machines may require certain specifications such as properties and materials, and other factors to determine the most suitable cutting process. Laser cutting is ideal for metal and non-metal materials, and the process runs smoothly at optimum capacity.

Laser Cutting Service

Laser cutting service comes in handy when it comes to cutting materials that require the right precision and custom design. There are state-of-the-art lasers which make it possible for materials to cut accurately thereby providing the right service to customers. Experience and innovation have to be in place when it comes to such a service. You might ask “what is a laser cutter used for?” There are several things a laser cutting machine does namely;

  • PFC laser cutting
  • Tube laser cutting
  • Angle laser cutting
  • Extrusion laser cutting
  • RHS laser cutting
  • SHS laser cutting

There are also various laser cutting machines which can be able to weld prep, countersink holes, and even bevel cut.

Laser Cutting Process

The process of laser cutting involves various stages. There are components and mechanics included in laser cutting which help complete the whole process. Mechanical cutting leverages on multiple tools and equipment which are highly powered to cut materials effectively. The various stages of laser cutting include; beam generation, beam focusing, localized heating and melting, material ejection, and beam movement. Every step is critical in the entire process of laser cutting and if executed correctly can produce a precise and accurate cut on the materials involved.

There are also assist gases used during the cutting process. The type of assist gas to use is determined by the type of procedure involved and even the kind of material cut. You can use inert assist gases during fusion cutting. The reactive properties of materials determine the particular gas to use.

Other Things to Consider

Laser cutting is highly determined by the kind of material that needs cutting. However, there also other various factors to consider. These are factors such as laser power, temporal mode, focal spot size, wavelength, and machine configuration. You also have to check on the type of material you need cut to determine the most suitable cutting mechanism to employ for adequate precision and accuracy.