IOR | Self-Service Diesel Stops and Fuel Depots Throughout Australia

Who They Are

IOR is a family-owned business whose sole aim is to deliver fuel solutions even to the most remote parts of Australia. The business is a partnership between Morland Mackenzie and Ross Stewart. The two started the company back in 1984 as an oil refinery in Eromanga, Queensland. However, the refinery was not the ultimate goal of the two owners. They wanted to have many diesel stops that would provide convenient movement for the locals.

It is not until the year 2005 when the first diesel stop was opened in Winton, Queensland. Their main goal has always to offer affordable fuel solutions while continually improving customer experience. They also strive to have in place proper supply chain management solutions. Through hard work and dedication, they have been able to establish diesel stops in the country.

Fuel Solutions

Other than the 24-hour diesel stops, they also offer fuel delivery, fuel storage tanks, pumping, and bulk fuel management. They are available on the go to ensure you don’t get stranded when your fuel tank runs empty. their other services include:

• Aviation fuels

They supply high-quality jet A1 and Avgas fuels. They also help with the storage and management of such fuels, depending on what their clients want. So, why stress while you can order a delivery to your place or even for an on-airport refuelling?

• Bulk fuels

Supplying you bulk fuel means that you get to save more money. They also match you with a trained local driver whose role is to make sure that you get your supply of diesel, petroleum, avgas, or jet fuel in an efficient and timely manner. They also help their clients manage and store their bulk fuels for maximum safety and convenience.

• Updated customer portal

They have a portal where their clients can log in and track their bulk fuel transactions. You can also download the history for your own records. It is possible for customers to know the nearest diesel stop from their location. The transaction history usually contains price, dates, time, and location.

Equipment and Technology

In the 21st century, practically everyone has embraced technology. Technology enhances convenience because you can carry on with your business from anywhere. At IOR they have placed technology and use of proper equipment at the heart of their business.

• HighDip Tank Gauging System

Having a dip to keep checking the level of fuel in your tank is getting outdated. They have invested heavily in tank monitoring systems that have a gauging system such that you can see the level of fuel by reading from the system. With an internet connection, you can read the level of fuel from your tanks remotely. For locations without power, they have systems that use solar or batteries.

• HighDip Fuel Tracking

They also help their customers manage their fuel using the fuel tracking system. All you need to do is connect the hoses and the pumps to the HighDip gauge system. After that, you can monitor how fuel is dispensed by employees from anywhere in the world.

• Frac Tanks

The tanks are ideal for sites that require temporary water storage. They can also be integrated with other tanks for more storage.

Other Industries

They also partner with other industries to ensure a safe supply of fuel. For instance, they work with the agricultural sector to see to it that farmers have fuel to run their operations. They can even come to your rescue right in the middle of your farm when your tanks run dry.

They also work with the local government to facilitate the smooth running of operations. They offer an on-the-road fuelling system for them. If you have a mining company, they can work together by supplying you with the machinery and fuel to mine.

IOR has also worked with the oil and gas industries to help with safe fuel solutions. They offer the oil and gas industries with safe and convenient drilling solutions.