How Soon Will I See Results from Laser Tattoo Removal?

tattoo removalDo you have ink regret? It’s thought that a good 25% of those who get tattoos will grow to regret at least one design on their body. While some may opt to get a cover up design that changes the way their original tattoo looks, others may prefer looking into laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal works by breaking up the ink particles that are in the skin. These smaller ink particles are then absorbed by the body’s immune system, causing the tattoo to fade from the skin.

How many sessions will I need?

There is no one-size solution for all who are looking to get tattoos removed. The number of sessions that you will need will be based largely on the size of the tattoo that you are getting removed, along with the pigmentations that have been used in the design. Most find that they will need a minimum of three sessions before they will be able to see some of the results that they are hoping for.

Will all tattoos fade the same?

While getting Cutera tattoo removal in Ballarat uses the same types of laser treatments for all tattoo sizes, the fading results that you will see will be based largely on the ink pigmentation that was used to create the design. The darker the ink the longer it may take for you to see results of the laser treatments. The tone of your skin may also impact the fading success of your tattoo.


Your tattoo removal professional will be able to discuss the realistic results that you could expect to see from your sessions. You will also get a good understanding as to how many sessions could be beneficial for the size of your tattoo.

How much will it hurt?

Prior to the procedure a topical numbing solution will be applied to the targeted tattoo area. This will help to minimise any discomfort or pain that you could potentially feel during the procedure. Most people describe the sensation during the procedure as feeling much like rubber bands snapping against the skin in repeated succession. Most people tend to tolerate the discomfort well and don’t need more than the topical numbing solution and over the counter pain relievers.

Do I need to take a break between sessions?

It’s recommended that you take several weeks between sessions so that your skin can heal from the trauma of the laser treatment. Your skin will scab over and should heal rather swiftly from the procedure, but it is best to wait those several weeks so that you can be assured that your skin has healed completely. Waiting between sessions also allows you to see the best results as your immune system absorbs the ink.

There may be some scarring as a result of the laser removal procedure. These scars will typically be more prominent on those who have a darker tone to their skin. There are some creams and other therapies that can help to reduce the visibility of scars as you continue to heal.