How to keep your wooden deck cool in the summers? 

There is nothing as relaxing as bathing in the warm sun with your feet up. Your beautiful patios and decks are the right places to enjoy plentiful sunlight in summers.

While Australian summer is bliss to you, it can be brutal to your deck. If things start to heat up outdoors, you have the liberty to head indoors. However, it is your decking that must endure the harsh elements. Therefore, building a quality deck that can withstand the summer heat is very important.

Use Composite Decking Instead of Timber

If your deck is exposed to direct sunlight almost daily, consider choosing composite material for your deck instead of timber.

Outdoor timber decks undoubtedly look gorgeous all year round, but they require a lot of maintenance. In prolonged high heat, timber will lose moisture and will shrink and splinter over time. However, you can minimise this by regular painting, oiling, and treating your deck. On the other hand, composite decking is less likely to lose moisture and won’t shrink, crack, warp, or splinter that easily. Available in grain pattern & colour that mimic natural wood, high-performance composite decking will look and feel very much like any natural hardwood.

If you’re based in a heavy rain-prone area, you should build a deck made of wood plastic composite or fibre cement boards. Timber is not a good option for decking in an area that remains wet for a long time. While your garden would enjoy the downpour, timber decking would not. This would happen because timber traps moisture and, together with inadequate ventilation and high humidity, it will rot and get damaged. If you’re building a sub-deck near your pool or spa, then make sure you choose a material like fibre cement boards, which are resistant to water damage.

Other Ways to Cool Your Wooden Deck

If you already have a timber deck and you’re not planning to renovate it soon, then the following tips and tricks will help you keep it cool in the summers.

Set up a patio umbrella: A bit of shade gives you the liberty to use your deck any time of the day. The best and the cheapest way to offer sun protection to yourself and your deck is to buy a patio umbrella. If you don’t want to buy an entire table set, however, separate patio umbrellas will do the job just as well.

Build a Pergola: Partially enclosing your deck with a beautiful pergola is a good way to limit sun exposure. Wooden pergolas provide comfortable shade and lend sophisticated style to your outdoor luxury oasis. You can place some playful furniture like a swing chair or a hammock and drape string lights down from the Pergola to achieve that magical look you desire.

Paint your deck a lighter colourLight colours reflect light rather than absorb it like darker colours. For instance, paint your outdoor decking with a light shade of grey for the classy look and pleasant deck you desire. Painting your deck with oil-based paints will give a smooth finish that will not bubble up or chip once applied.

Cooling your deck can be quick, easy, and affordable. Doing even one of these tips will make your deck much more comfortable and inviting.


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