Understanding the Different Types of Air Conditioning 

Understanding the Different Types of Air ConditioningWith the temperatures rising every day it is becoming very difficult to work productively without any cooling system. Therefore, with the help of air conditioning, one can alter the temperature at home or office. However, there are various types of systems available to choose from. There are different brands and different types of energy consumption ratings that are important in this direction. You should check the energy rating, size, and capacity of the system before you buy.

Central Air Conditioning

For people who have a larger area to cool, this type of air conditioning is considered to be the best. With the central system of cooling, you can simultaneously cool all the rooms in the property without any interference and you can also do so without making any noise.

The system cools the air in a compressor which is placed outside the house. The fan is responsible for blowing the cool air throughout the house with the help of ducts.

Despite the benefits, this type of air conditioning is expensive hence while installation, it is important to hire the best professionals for the job.

Window Air Conditioning

If you are looking to control the temperature in one room then this type of air conditioning is perfect for you. The window system consists of a condenser, evaporator, coil, and compressor in one single unit. Since this type is designed to fit any window, no specific measurements are needed to fit these in. These are perfect for people who are renters as they can be moved when shifting from one house to another and you can subsequently install these in your new house as well. Depending on the size of the room, you can choose the window air conditioning systems. The installation and the position of the system also matters a lot on how you get maximum functionality from the machine.

Portable Air Conditioning

In case you are looking for a temporary cooling solution the portable air conditioning system might be the answer to your question.

  • Similar to a window unit it is a single unit that contains all the parts, the major difference being that you can drag this system from room to room based on your need.
  • They come with a single hose system where the air from inside the room is expelled outside or a dual hose system wherein the air from outside is pulled and cools the compressor and then is thrown out using the exhaust through the other hose.
  • However, with this type of air conditioning, you have to free up floor space for installation. It is also not the most energy-efficient option for cooling. Nevertheless, they are low cost and if you plan on using them only for a short span then this air conditioning system is perfect for you.
  • You should also check the cooling power and the overall maintenance of the system before you finally start the installation process.

Ductless Air Conditioning

If you are a homeowner or an apartment dweller this type of cooling system may be beneficial for you in absence of ducts. The outdoor unit is the air generator that condenses the cold air and sends it indoors through the refrigerant tubing. The refrigerant tubing connects the indoor unit to the outdoor one through the walls. The indoors features a unit that is the distribution point for the cooler air generated. The ductless air condition allows you to use the system only in one room and as such more efficient than the central system.

Therefore, these are the various types of air conditioning systems that are available in the market. To make an informed decision one should know about their needs and choose the best one based on energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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