6 Ways To Unblock Any Drain!

Blocked drains especially a blocked sewer drain, have got to be one of the more awful and frustrating plumbing problems to have to handle. There is only so much you can do when it happens but here are a few options to unblocking it safely and effectively.

Just keep in mind that if anything turns out to be a little more complicated or the basic steps you can take are not working, call in a professional plumber near you to help you.

Boiling water and other natural steps

If the drain is clogged with fat or soap you can try to unblock that with hot boiling water poured down the sink. Take care not to melt the seal in the sink or to get burned. Other natural options are using enzymes that are good and handling this kind of thing like vinegar mixed with hot water or bicarb and hot water, or all three together! This method can be quite effective at unblocking sewage pipes and does not hurt your plumbing system or the environment. The problem is these methods only last so long and has little impact on more serious blockages.

Using a plunger

Next, you can use a plunger. Most people have one in their homes and they are very effective on certain clogs. If you do not have one you should certainly get one. The force of the air being pushed down goes through a blocked drain unblocking it. Before you start plunging have a towel down in case things get a bit messy. Also, make sure you get a good seal and you have the right kind of plunger to get the right pressure.

Using a plumber’s snake

Another handy tool to have is a plumber’s snake but this takes more skill to use and if you are not careful you can scratch the sides of the pipes and do some damage. Therefore you might stand back and watch your plumber use it! They unblock a lot of different clogs and are great for a blocked drain pipe but take care and wear protective clothing and again have an old towel ready. You use the handle end to turn the snake down the pipe and when it reaches the blockage it pushes through or you can pull some of it out.

Using chemicals from stores

Another option some people consider is pouring down shop-bought chemicals to try to clean it out. Common options include caustic soda and hydrochloric acid. There are a lot of promises made by these products for unblocking sewage pipes, but not all of them are really that effective and some are actually a risk to the pipes and your plumbing system. If you do choose to try it wear protective clothing and often the guide is to use it carefully, leave it for however long the instructions state (often 20 to 30 minutes) and then pour cold water after. You should not put hot water down as it can cause it to spray back and that would put them in your face.

Making sure it is not stuck in the U bend

One of the things a plumber can check that is harder for you to know is whether the block is sitting in the u-bend of the sink. Sometimes fat and hair and food particles sit there and cause a blockage. A plumber knows how to unblock a sewage drain just by unscrewing the connections and draining the pipe into a bucket and then pulling out any material lodged there.

Bring in an expert

When you are faced with a seriously blocked drain you can try some of these methods yourself but anything more complicated than a plunger should be handed off to your plumber. Armed with specialist blocked drain cleaning equipment from they have the experience, skills and training to handle the block removal without doing damage to the pipes, or harm to themselves or the environment!


Having to live with a blocked drain is at best annoying but could cause more problems than you might think. If you have tried plunging and some natural efforts it just makes sense to call in a licensed plumber to explore where the block is and to remove it.

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